June 12, 2007

Musing Day 1

Today I have decided for a use for my blog.

I am going to Pilot Tim’s Musings, a new thought for each day that has troubled me whilst I embark upon my 1.5hour trip to work.

Today’s Though has been:

Do fish displace water? Or are the fish full of water so little if any displacement occurs?
I imagine if you put a big fish in a tank of water it will overflow, but then if a fish lays squillions of eggs and has squillions of baby fish, do they then cause the water to rise?
Can this be the cause of the Earth’s sea level rishing? Too many fish?

If there are any Professors of Fishology please let me know!

That has been today’s Tim’s Musing!

June 06, 2007

Powerful stuff

Writing about web page http://www.nevereclipsed.com

Powerful stuff

this blog. If you type “Tim Mutlow” into google this is the first result, I should use this to my advantage!! (even tho the website above is already result number 2)

You may notice this is the first entry since a rather tentative first step into blogging many years ago?!

I must apologise to my uncle who found this page ony to find that I had forgotten it already!

I still don’t really see the benefit of blogs but I’ll give it a better shot this time :-)

Tune in again for another … Tim’s Musings !!

October 04, 2004


Follow-up to To Blog, or not to Blog? from Tim's Musings

Pretty backgound though!

To Blog, or not to Blog?

I am yet to see the point of a blog! So what if one thinks and writes what they think on a web page for all to see?! Who will read it? Why should they care? But just for the hell of it I shall put down some ponderments on a page and see what happens, see if its all worth while!
Enjoy! Oh yeah, anyone else know the point of the blog? Seems pointless to me!

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