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I am twenty years old. I would be dead in ten years, if I was in Logan’s run. But I am not, at the time of writing, dead.

I study English and Creative Writing, which means that I am obliged to write this profile in a weird and elliptical fashion, and to use large words, like “elliptical”, and “large”. I enjoy it, the course I mean, particularly talking opinionated crap in seminars and writing stuff. The library side I am liking less.

Things I like: Bananas, pubs, good writing, marmite, cheese, walks with other people, Muse, London, trains, cats, drama, courage, compassion, the sound of surprised laughter, really good fruit juice, eyes

Things I don’t like: Wasps, intolerance, Romford, Pete Docherty, cowardice, arrogance, bad writing, pubs that try to be clubs, selfishness, dogs that look stupid, driving, middle class people who claim to be Marxists

I dress on: The right. The left just feels weird.

I read: The Guardian. Lefty and pretentious, me to a T.

Was born in: A car. And my dad didn’t mention this when he sold the car a year later. Nice.

All you need to go travelling: Visa credit card, up to date passport, and a good pair of boots.

I play: The musical saw. Not well.

I do: Thai boxing. Not well.

Favourite James Bond Film: The Living Daylights.

You need know nothing more…

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