January 09, 2005

"...some far–flung corner of the Internet shall be forever – something….

Ok, so I've staked out my territory. With sturdy electronic stakes, no less. Now, to imbue this naescent demense with strange and eldritch power. And, more to the point, a Purpose.

What shall be the purpose of my blog?

I could make it into my personal diary – one of those distressingly common species that devotes itself to trielessly tracking every daily mundane event which happened to the writer. I view such blogs in the same way I view Morris dancing: I don't. Or, to take the analogy further – undoubtedly fascinating for the person involved, an utter mystery to everyone else, and yet we've all done it at least once. Sweet Merciful Bob, the horror.

I could attempt to be funny every day, in the manner of the Sam Boulby's of this world. Worth goal thogh this is, I feel I lak the tenacity to come up with something funny every day. Or at least, I lack the keenly developed sense of shamelessness that would allow me not to care that I wasn't actually all that funny every day.

I could discuss weighty topics of importance, discoursing knowledgably on everything from the politcal situation in Kashmir to the existence of God. I could overwhelm my readers with torrents of nightmarish angst, exposing my raw, naked, hideous blubbering soul for all to consider.

I could discuss my subject, Physics, in attempt at self-improvement or PDP or sucking up to the establishment (delete as desired).

To be honest, dear readers, I'm not sure what to do – but whatever it is I will end up doing, I am resolved to do it.

So. I need direction. Hence my request tonight – to start me off, I request that each of my readers come up with a topic for me to blog about, and I will duly do so over the next week. If I get more than seven possible topics I suppose I shall have to pick the best, but I think it's unlikely.

Mould me, for I am clay in your hands.

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  1. The way to achieve a fanbase is to be controversial. Devote an entry to explaining why men are better than women and vice-versa in as stereotypical a manner as possible

    10 Jan 2005, 00:04

  2. I'd like to know what really goes on at the Video Games Design Society. You can't fool me by pretending it's all innocent…
    And then there's the 'Stuck for Ideas' thing. That's always…well, it's always there I guess.

    10 Jan 2005, 00:06

  3. Mathew Mannion

    I tend to switch between pretending to be funny and the heart breakingly honest.

    The Video Game Design Society is coming to a Graduate Bar near YOU.

    10 Jan 2005, 00:57

  4. Damnit Mat, I wanted specific ideas! Specific!

    10 Jan 2005, 01:49

  5. Mathew Mannion

    • How you killed Bambi's mum

    Er… can't think of anything else. In fact, don't use that, my post about that laters gonna be that.

    Plug VGDSoc?

    10 Jan 2005, 09:49

  6. The interesting and amusing properties of turnips.

    10 Jan 2005, 09:55

  7. You need to develope a persona of some kind that is only vaguely related to who you are. No one has taken "unspeakable pervert" yet, so there's an idea.

    10 Jan 2005, 13:52

  8. Mathew Mannion

    I havent?

    11 Jan 2005, 16:06

  9. Shut it Ladykiller Studson.

    12 Jan 2005, 16:46

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