January 05, 2008

After over two years of test card footage….

...I’m back. Not that anyone will notice.

Ahem. Um, still in my second year because I got caught in a sort of time-warp. Sorry about that.


ITEM! Brrr, it’s cold.

ITEM! What about this norovirus business, eh? First there was a discrete and (in theory, anyway) calming message posted on the kitchen door (here on campus, Claycroft, anyway). Today however, we now have dirty great signs on the main entrance. Sign of increasing worry? Has someone come down with the damn thing already within the bubble (and I don’t mean the Christmas delegates)? Inquiring germophobic minds want to know.

ITEM! What the hell happened to the Boar’s website? Looks like their ownership of the domain name expired and it’s been overtaken (inevitably) by one of those godawful ad-ridden “search portal” sites. Boar, sort it out please. You were never that good for news online, but that’s just embarrassing.

ITEM! What’s the deal with search portals anyway? Are there people who really like their search bar plastered with a forest of hotlinks and images all around?

ITEM! No, actually, that’s enough. No-one will read this anyway.

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  1. I did – nice to see you back on here! how was xmas with the missus?

    05 Jan 2008, 17:47

  2. Simon Brent

    A whois query shows the ownership of warwickboar.co.uk changed hands on December 8th, and is now owned by a company called TagNames, who’s website (tagnames.co.uk) makes it quite obvious that they are domain squatters.

    Domain squatters are up there with day-1 ebayers as the lowest form of parasitic life ¬_¬

    05 Jan 2008, 19:04

  3. Mike Willis

    I recall reading an article in the Boar some time ago that they’d won an award for best website at some award ceremony or other. As the article itself pointing out, the win was somewhat curious given that the content on the website hadn’t been updated for about two years. I tried looking at the Boar website last term to see if I could find a clue as to where they were delivering new editions. (The only dump points I knew of at that point having piles of editions about a month old.) I fed ‘Warwick Boar’ in to Google and found the aforementioned site (I think http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk/boar/, it comes up in Google searches but no longer exists) with a note on it indicating that their site could be found at warwickboar.co.uk, a domain my browser informed me did not exist at that point.

    06 Jan 2008, 13:20

  4. Joe

    I alerted some senior boar members that their website was going to expire. I received the following response,

    “Yeah, we really should register it. You’d better contact [name removed] or someone else higher up / with the time to do so.”

    “sure… yeah, I’m the deputy editor… I really have no clue about how to renew it though… does this have to be through someone specific?”

    and from the editor:

    “Thank you for alerting me to this. A former editor mumbled something about it, but he couldn’t really provide any details, and it got forgotten. Sorry to trouble you, but how do I do it?”

    I informed the editor how to do it but as you can probably see nothing happened.

    06 Jan 2008, 19:00

  5. Well, hooray for the power of blogging as an investigative tool. Thanks for the update from the frontlines, Joe, and thanks to everyone for reading.

    Sounds like the Boar needs an online editor or some such. I don’t know whether they have one and they aren’t very good at their job, they have such a post but it is vacant, or if they don’t have such a post. I’d look it up but, no website :).

    06 Jan 2008, 21:46

  6. And Helen, xmas with the “missus” was lovely.

    06 Jan 2008, 21:47

  7. It’s Tom Lawrence. WOOOOO YEAH.

    07 Jan 2008, 00:15

  8. Nick F


    07 Jan 2008, 11:22

  9. Nick Howes


    07 Jan 2008, 12:34

  10. How is the Boar (at least in print) these days?

    07 Jan 2008, 13:27

  11. Mathew Mannion


    07 Jan 2008, 14:13

  12. Sue


    07 Jan 2008, 17:29

  13. I’ll have what they’re having.

    07 Jan 2008, 17:31

  14. James Mears

    Now that www.warwickboar.co.uk has has been renewed by TagNames.co.uk it could be very hard to get it back , they tend to want a lot of money to sell you your domain back again. Very bad idea to let a domain name expire..

    08 Jan 2008, 23:35

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