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January 08, 2005

With a flash and an ostentatious puff of smoke…

I appear.

They say nature abhorrs a vacuum, and judging by how often the damn things break down, they're probably right. But nature abhorrs open spaces with nothing in them too. Everything rushes to fill the space, like when someone vacates the dancefloor during Top Banana.

Humans abhorr vacuums too; unsuprisingly, as they're noisy unpleasant things which break down all the time.

Ok, so I took that joke too far.

Back to the point: it is human nature to loathe and detest spaces which are unfilled. They suck at the eyeball. It causes us physical pain. Anyone whose ever opened a word processor to start their latest essay has experienced the horror of this void. One is forced either to turn away; run scared into safety.

Or one is forced to face the horror, wrestle it head on, and fill that yawning chasm with random crap.

That, my fair audience, is my intention here today: to conquer the demon of the empty text box, and leave my mark on the world for all to see, and laugh at.

Each word is a further victory against the teeming hordes of nothingness. Join me, in my crusade against entropy.

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