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January 05, 2008

After over two years of test card footage….

...I’m back. Not that anyone will notice.

Ahem. Um, still in my second year because I got caught in a sort of time-warp. Sorry about that.


ITEM! Brrr, it’s cold.

ITEM! What about this norovirus business, eh? First there was a discrete and (in theory, anyway) calming message posted on the kitchen door (here on campus, Claycroft, anyway). Today however, we now have dirty great signs on the main entrance. Sign of increasing worry? Has someone come down with the damn thing already within the bubble (and I don’t mean the Christmas delegates)? Inquiring germophobic minds want to know.

ITEM! What the hell happened to the Boar’s website? Looks like their ownership of the domain name expired and it’s been overtaken (inevitably) by one of those godawful ad-ridden “search portal” sites. Boar, sort it out please. You were never that good for news online, but that’s just embarrassing.

ITEM! What’s the deal with search portals anyway? Are there people who really like their search bar plastered with a forest of hotlinks and images all around?

ITEM! No, actually, that’s enough. No-one will read this anyway.

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