June 16, 2004

YEAH!!! Exam is over!!!

Sorry that I haven't updated it for a long long time…....

Exam is finish. Hard to believe that the life is that tough in my last few weeks. Staying in library for more than 14 hours a day, and the only aim for going back home is sleeping…...

Anyway, everything is over….........


May 08, 2004


Don't know why. Again I feel homesick today.

Perhaps…I finally realise only family members will put most of their efforts on you, without asking the returns. They won't betray you, they won't let you down, they know when you feel happy or not, and they do everything for your own good.

Thanks Dad and mum, without you two, I won't be here…

I know you won't see this message, anyway, it can be a true feeling from my deepest heart.

By the way, Happy Birthday Albert, my dearest brother. Hope all the best with your life in the US….

P.S: If the admin is reading my blog, but don't understand what it's about in my last entry, please don't panic. It's not the problem of the blog, just I type Chinese instead of English…so far so good for everything…

May 06, 2004




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