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June 06, 2005

"Exams have driven her mad…...

Exam season has taken its toll on the occupants of 105. A mild state of delerium has set in and things are getting funnier.

It's all centred around the 'Neighbours Crew'. Now, I have maintained all year that it is the lamest thing on TV (apart from Eurovision) but it seems I was wrong again! Well it is the lamest thing on TV but that is the beauty of it. I finally understand the whole 'oooh I'm a student, lets watch lame TV in an ironic sense.

So I'm converted. But mostly because of the hilarity that goes on during our collective revision break from 1:40 – 2:00. (Ok so its more like 1:10- 2:00!) People seem to have gone a bit weird and I'm loving it so I'm gonna blog some of the stuff which happens.

Today at the end of Neighbours Smit tried to start a fight with me to make me angry.(*1) I told her 'I'm a lover not a fighter baby' but she doesn't believe me. Then she told me to run on the spot and move me arms and legs as fast as I could. This was fun.
Then Steve (who is the most random of us all and may turn into the star of this feature) came in and started to do it too. We were amazed at the speed of him and commented, to which he said:

"I'm moving at the speed of a mongoose"!!!

The speed of what?! Almost died laughing. He has made that up I'm sure but he insists it's a real phrase. You be the jury.

Also today Sarah made me choke on a grape (*2). The she laughed. So very mean.

More updates soon. This is genuinely what happens to people during revision. The university should take this seriously!

(*1 Ok maybe it was the other way round.)
(*2 Ok maybe I choked on the grape myself.)
(*3 But it's fun incriminating Smitty.)

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