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April 29, 2005

That's quite amusing

My friends never cease to amuse me. For this reason I am going to blog a few of the things they say and do which provide the highlights to my otherwise mundane life. (This in itself may be rather sad)

The star of this feature will be a little ray of sunshine called Sarah (J) Smith, who I live with. I like to call her Smitty. (Actually that's a lie, but it could be fun if I do start calling her that.)
So… Smitty loves me, to quite an unhealthy degree, and as a result texts me the happenings she comes across in her everyday life. These I want to share with you.

The other day Smitty was walking down the road and she saw the Pope! A woman came out of her house and got into the back of a car. She was followed by the Pope.
I have my doubts as to whether this was the genuine Pope but according to the Smit this was was him as he was dressed in "all the Pope-y clothes and everything."

SJS would also like you to know that she was beeped (postively) by a bus driver the other day. (I don't really consider this an achievement in comparison to the Pope thing but whatever….!)

That's the most recent occurence. I will also be updating the funny stuff Nay and Mich say and do because, if anything, I need to remember this stuff!

April 16, 2005

Silly Moo Face

Wait one boot-scootin English minute!!..........Having said that it appears I now CAN sign into my blog!!
This is the start of a new chapter in my life. Don't know if I'll ever be quite the same again.
Marvellous. :)

Dear Tara

Your blog is fine, it is just you who is a silly moo face.

Love Emma xxx

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