May 23, 2005

Eurovision Fun

It all started when Michelle said, "I can't wait for Eurovision!". Entirely seriously.

I thought this was ridiculous… How wrong I was! Pursuaded by the masses and under the influence of various delicious substances (*) an evening of sheer hilarity began at 105.
Accompanied by the Smit, and later by Steve, we watched the best of Europe fight it out for the prestigious title. Below are some of the best lyrics, Terry comments and Smitty comments for your amusement:

Croatia: "I am like leaves carried by the wind, wolves die alone."

Bosnia and Herzegovina: "United in a song that's all it takes, 50 candles on the party cake." (which pretty much sums up the ethos of this marvellous competition: the unity of Europe…hmmm)

Switzerland: "Cool vibes, why don't you kill me?" (at which point I thought 'no, why don't YOU kill me?')

Latvia: (This was my personal favourite as it encapsulated 3 things I love….irony, boybands and Sarah.)

Sarah: (bless her cotton socks) "Lavita?"

Lyrics: "I take a step and dare to be free, to see how beautiful we are. The war is not over, everyone knows it, it's just a reason to make us believe."

Terry: "2 boy band refugees"

In fact Terry pretty much makes the show. (Steve: "He's going to be doing this until he dies.") His blatant laughing on top of the proceedings made me cry. Just a couple of quotes of his:

  • Re. 'No-one hurt nobody', the Russian entry: "Which is not uh gramatically pleasing."

  • During the break for vote counting: "I don't know about you, but I go to find consellation in drink."

  • With regard to the most famous Ukranians: "Congratulations indeed to Ant and Shreik"

So in sum, what started off with my general apathy and disbelief at the potential enterainment value of such a show turned into a night of sheer hilarity celebrating the very worst Europe has to offer and confirming to me the ridiculous nature of the world we live in.
(The substances were Archers 'Exotic something or another' AND (this was from the mind of a genius) microwave popcorn with melted chocolate on top. Highly reccommended.)

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  1. We were convinced that Greece were going for the sympathy vote by singing 'I have no mother' as the last line of their song…...of course that may have just been our alcohol filled ears, Terry was right – drink was the only consolation.

    23 May 2005, 16:34

  2. Switzerland should have won! Go Vanilla Ninja!

    23 May 2005, 17:16

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