November 24, 2005

"Welcome back!, Back…geddit?!"...."No, it's not funny

Due to 'popular demand' I am having to make a start of my third year blog. Ok so it's the end of term one but it's been a hectic start….
A major operation, a heavy workload and various emotional traumas have made this a crazy start to my third year but I'm just about settling in.
This entry has the potential to go majorly depressing but I'll just keep it to a sentance or two. I'm absolutely gutted to be in my third year and think about it all the time. Don't know what I'm doing next year or generally what's going on! Mega scared! So…answers on a postcard please.
Am loving my friends at the moment though, I am totally blessed to have them as my second family. So instead of dwelling on my future I think it's time to enjoy the present.
Sarah made me laugh the other day:
Sarah: (handing me a cup of fair trade hot chocolate) 'Can't you smell the justice?'
Comedy genius. She's been incredibly funny lately. (I'm gonna blog some more if I remember.) I put it down to Spikey's influence. He might even be funnier than me. I'm worried.

Tara x

June 06, 2005

"Exams have driven her mad…...

Exam season has taken its toll on the occupants of 105. A mild state of delerium has set in and things are getting funnier.

It's all centred around the 'Neighbours Crew'. Now, I have maintained all year that it is the lamest thing on TV (apart from Eurovision) but it seems I was wrong again! Well it is the lamest thing on TV but that is the beauty of it. I finally understand the whole 'oooh I'm a student, lets watch lame TV in an ironic sense.

So I'm converted. But mostly because of the hilarity that goes on during our collective revision break from 1:40 – 2:00. (Ok so its more like 1:10- 2:00!) People seem to have gone a bit weird and I'm loving it so I'm gonna blog some of the stuff which happens.

Today at the end of Neighbours Smit tried to start a fight with me to make me angry.(*1) I told her 'I'm a lover not a fighter baby' but she doesn't believe me. Then she told me to run on the spot and move me arms and legs as fast as I could. This was fun.
Then Steve (who is the most random of us all and may turn into the star of this feature) came in and started to do it too. We were amazed at the speed of him and commented, to which he said:

"I'm moving at the speed of a mongoose"!!!

The speed of what?! Almost died laughing. He has made that up I'm sure but he insists it's a real phrase. You be the jury.

Also today Sarah made me choke on a grape (*2). The she laughed. So very mean.

More updates soon. This is genuinely what happens to people during revision. The university should take this seriously!

(*1 Ok maybe it was the other way round.)
(*2 Ok maybe I choked on the grape myself.)
(*3 But it's fun incriminating Smitty.)

May 23, 2005

Eurovision Fun

It all started when Michelle said, "I can't wait for Eurovision!". Entirely seriously.

I thought this was ridiculous… How wrong I was! Pursuaded by the masses and under the influence of various delicious substances (*) an evening of sheer hilarity began at 105.
Accompanied by the Smit, and later by Steve, we watched the best of Europe fight it out for the prestigious title. Below are some of the best lyrics, Terry comments and Smitty comments for your amusement:

Croatia: "I am like leaves carried by the wind, wolves die alone."

Bosnia and Herzegovina: "United in a song that's all it takes, 50 candles on the party cake." (which pretty much sums up the ethos of this marvellous competition: the unity of Europe…hmmm)

Switzerland: "Cool vibes, why don't you kill me?" (at which point I thought 'no, why don't YOU kill me?')

Latvia: (This was my personal favourite as it encapsulated 3 things I love….irony, boybands and Sarah.)

Sarah: (bless her cotton socks) "Lavita?"

Lyrics: "I take a step and dare to be free, to see how beautiful we are. The war is not over, everyone knows it, it's just a reason to make us believe."

Terry: "2 boy band refugees"

In fact Terry pretty much makes the show. (Steve: "He's going to be doing this until he dies.") His blatant laughing on top of the proceedings made me cry. Just a couple of quotes of his:

  • Re. 'No-one hurt nobody', the Russian entry: "Which is not uh gramatically pleasing."

  • During the break for vote counting: "I don't know about you, but I go to find consellation in drink."

  • With regard to the most famous Ukranians: "Congratulations indeed to Ant and Shreik"

So in sum, what started off with my general apathy and disbelief at the potential enterainment value of such a show turned into a night of sheer hilarity celebrating the very worst Europe has to offer and confirming to me the ridiculous nature of the world we live in.
(The substances were Archers 'Exotic something or another' AND (this was from the mind of a genius) microwave popcorn with melted chocolate on top. Highly reccommended.)

May 16, 2005


Follow-up to That's quite amusing from Tara's blog

Just because I haven't written anything recently doesn't mean you are funny/amusing to me! In fact loads of funny stuff has been happening but I have been explicitly told not to blog it. Maybe this whole thing is going to turn round on me.
In the meantime, don't be getting all funny with me (Kempy) about not being amusing! You're all equally funny and wonderful. You are all equally cared for and play equal roles. (Just like in Rev…I like to apply these rules to my life as I feel Rev is the best place I have ever been in my life…EVER ;) )
End of.

May 12, 2005

Ooh genuine ponderings….

Contrary to popular opinion I do a lot of ponderings on life. Now I don't want to be all stereotypically student like about the whole situation but sometimes the thoughts need to come out of my head.

So… I've been thinking a lot about how it could be that emotions can cause an actual physical reaction? It started by me thinking about how a joke can make you laugh, and how different jokes make different people laugh. So weird that it would go on in your head but come out in a laugh (or in my case an explusion of air ala muttley).
The same then applies to crying, because how can an event been so moving that you cry? It's something you've seen or heard (like The Notebook, fantastic…rent it now) which then gets translated into a physical reaction such as water coming out of your eyes.
Similarly, how is it that when you are emotionally hurt by something you can actually feel a pain as a result? Like it hurts in your chest and feels kind of hollow? It doesn't seem to make sense. I can understand being confused in the head but to feel a tangible sense of hurt…? Well it's just not fair!
The reverse is also true but less frequent, for example when I feel properly happy I feel like a 'glow' inside and start acting like an idiot. (This is not always attributable to me being happy but more often to me being derranged.)
I guess I find it really odd, and a tad unerving, because I dont know of a good reason. At the same time we would probably be a lot less 'human' without these kinds of reactions and perhaps this is where the idea of there being more to people than just biological beings comes from. That we all have particular personalities that make us react in this way, which wouldn't happen if we were just a collection of cells I think.
That said…different things make different people laugh/cry/hurt. For some people more 'innocent' things make them laugh but for others, for example, laughing at others is what pleases them. What does this say about 'human nature'? That certain people are born with pre-dispositions? That their environment conditions them as such? I know what I think about it but now I'm just throwing around ideas for fun.
Also, its interesting how sense of humour or passions can change over time. Things I used to laugh at I don't find funny now. People who had an emotional effect on me no longer do. Is that a change in your mind or a change in your soul?
I could go on but I'm probably boring right now. How much of this goes on in people's heads that they don't say? I love it. Direct your mindless philosophical ponderings my way. As long as you realise at the end of the day its all meaningless.

April 29, 2005

That's quite amusing

My friends never cease to amuse me. For this reason I am going to blog a few of the things they say and do which provide the highlights to my otherwise mundane life. (This in itself may be rather sad)

The star of this feature will be a little ray of sunshine called Sarah (J) Smith, who I live with. I like to call her Smitty. (Actually that's a lie, but it could be fun if I do start calling her that.)
So… Smitty loves me, to quite an unhealthy degree, and as a result texts me the happenings she comes across in her everyday life. These I want to share with you.

The other day Smitty was walking down the road and she saw the Pope! A woman came out of her house and got into the back of a car. She was followed by the Pope.
I have my doubts as to whether this was the genuine Pope but according to the Smit this was was him as he was dressed in "all the Pope-y clothes and everything."

SJS would also like you to know that she was beeped (postively) by a bus driver the other day. (I don't really consider this an achievement in comparison to the Pope thing but whatever….!)

That's the most recent occurence. I will also be updating the funny stuff Nay and Mich say and do because, if anything, I need to remember this stuff!

April 16, 2005

Silly Moo Face

Wait one boot-scootin English minute!!..........Having said that it appears I now CAN sign into my blog!!
This is the start of a new chapter in my life. Don't know if I'll ever be quite the same again.
Marvellous. :)

Dear Tara

Your blog is fine, it is just you who is a silly moo face.

Love Emma xxx

March 25, 2005



I have broken into a blog. This is, in fact, mighty exciting. Who else has blogged on someone else's blog while they sit just 50cm away oblivious? And now, what to write about? This is the hard thing, I can't even tell you about my day, because this ain't about me, it's about the kingster. Well, she's looking awful beauteous right now as she chats away to a certain Tom. She also just used the word ingenious, which I think is underused. Also, she mentioned David Sneddon. I imagine that a certain Mat could be interested in Dave, as an alternatively rubbish artist to Tabby. Not that, I admit, I have ever heard any of David's work. Or, in fact, Tabby's. And I am not trying to incite any kind of bad feeling… just trying to make words. Well, I'd better go now. Make sure you leave comments so Tara knows you've been here. Guess who I am.

And continue to LIVE - IT – LARGE. Love ya! xxx

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