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April 26, 2006


My brother Ollie handed me back my copy of civilization 4 at easter and said "you know Tom it's fine at university when you can play CIV instead of working, when you reach the real world you've got to play CIV instead of sleeping." I have since discovered that it's quite possible to do both. Today I took the calculated decision that I can last without any clean socks for tomorrow cause it will probably be warm enough to wear shorts and sandals, no washing = another ten minutes invading Spain.

April 21, 2006


Well i've been told off for not blogging for a while so this is going to be a mish mash of various thougts i've had over the last month.

Firstly I saw the story on the news that 'The Loch Ness Monster might be an elephant'. Apparently some guy believes that he's 'solved the mystery of Loch Ness' and that the famous photo of Nessie was in fact of an elephant bathing in the loch. Perhaps i'm being over inquisitive but i wouldn't really consider the mystery solved until i'd dealt with questions such as 'why is there an elephant living in loch ness that we've never found apart from this one photo?' I've been to scotland four times and i've never seen an elephant there.

Loch Ness Elephant

I suppose I ought to include some sort of description of my holidays. Alas they were quite free of sex, adventure, murder and intrigue, and so this will doubtlessly be less exciting reading than a Dan Brown novel, but hopefully much more believable and slightly less cringeworthy. I spent most of the holiday doing my four hours work during the day and then being fed by various people in the evening. I realised that texting Ruth, Caroline or Wins asking if they were doing anything exciting would invariably provoke an offer of dinner and so i would turn up a couple of hours later with a bottle of wine. I returned the favour by inviting Caroline over to 'eat steak and watch casablanca', surely a perfect combination.

When i finally went back to derby my brother Ollie and his girlfriend Sarah were also there so that was fun. Sarah bought me a most excellent easter egg. I fell off my bike on the way back from Kady's house, I thought I was quite sober but Kady says i was trying to convince her that Easter was on a tuesday last year so maybe i was a little worse for wear.

I also wrote another verse for my adaptation of Trouble In Mind. it goes

I'm gonna finish my bottle of whisky,
jump off the maths block roof,
cause I know the Sylow theorems but i just don't understand the proof.

My exams have all gone quite well so far, infact were I one hundred percent sure of what the phrase meant and not afraid of sounding like Rimmer i'd say my exams have gone swimmingly. And to leave you with a quote from the great Ace Rimmer, "Cat old buddy, you're sharper than a page of Oscar Wilde witicisms sprinkled with lemon juice and jabbed in someone's eye". Genius.

April 06, 2006

Job Interview

So having had my applications for investment banking internships rejected I have turned towards a far more noble proffession. Tomorrow I have a job interview to become a casual assistant park ranger, it doesn't get any better! If I get the job you'll all be able to come and see me in markeaton park Derby, and maybe i'll let you ride on the train.

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