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March 27, 2006

RAG quiz tonight

Hey everybody,

the mighty Roger's Tribe pub quiz team will be doing the RAG quiz tonight at eight in the graduate, so far it's me, Caroline, Ollie and Dave, feel free to come along and join in if i know you. I might even cook you a sausage based meal if you come round to mine beforehand, but please let me know if you're going to.


March 23, 2006

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

Here is a transcript of the conversation that went on in my head on the way home this afternoon.

The worst thing about today is that after I finish dinner at Ruth's house Ruth has to pack, and all my other friends at Warwick are out doing things so I'll have to stay at home and play Rome Total War.

The best thing about today is that after I finish dinner at Ruth's house Ruth has to pack, and all my other friends at Warwick are out doing things so I'll have to stay at home and play Rome Total War.

Since the set of things about today isn't a singleton set (it has other elements like "today is a sunny day") we can see that if "goodness" and "badness" both order a set they don't necessarily order it in opposite ways. This is a surprising fact.

March 18, 2006


Since I forgot about the whole lent thing and I’m home alone in Canley at the moment I thought I ought to give my life some structure, so, being a Blairite, I decided to come up with some targets.

For the next four weeks I will:

•Run four miles four times a week
•Go to the gym four times a week
•Do four hours revision a day
•Speak to at least four people every day
•Spend less than four pounds a day
•Drink less than four pints a day
•Eat four pieces of fruit a day
Fortunately I always speak to the girl on the cheese counter at tesco which got the number of people I spoke to yesterday up to four, the other targets were all easy although i'm sure they'll get hard to stick to.

March 16, 2006


I'm not sure quite which idiot came up with the phrase "a change is as good as a rest" but the point of this entry is to rubbish that ridiculous claim.

Right now i've been slogging through a bit of Group Theory and it bored me to tears, I love maths but rereading theorems and proofs isn't as good as seeing them for the first time, and learning them is even less interesting. Right now I want to go for a walk, I want to play the piano, I want to have a drink, I want to send my forces to hunt down the Gaul who have been pillaging around my northern frontier and attack until the Seine runs red with the blood of Gaulish axemen. Spending an hour looking at Measure Theory doesn't really come into it.

To Do List

1.Get new guitar strings
2.Buy some more clothes
3.Befriend Anthony Manning – he’s a dude
4.Learn Group Theory
5.Learn the Pathetique Sonata
6.Walk barefoot until I develop pads on my feet
7.Make the clock in the maths room tell the right time
8.Revert to shaving with a blade – electric razors are crap
9.Learn the harmonica
10.Get a bank account which gives me some interest
11.Go to the gym – attain Adonis like physique
12.Give up chocolate
13.Work out what the hell is going on with Algebraic Topology
14.Find somebody to love
15.Become a Guru
16.Burn James a DVD of 24 series 5
17.Learn to breathe fire

March 07, 2006


Question to all the blog wizards out there, Is it possible to see all the blogs which have listed my blog as a favourite? Feel free to answer if you know but don't define yourself as a blog wizard.

March 06, 2006

Raise The Roof

Now I know its not really the done thing to comment on concerts that you've been in saying they were awesome, but i'm going to do it anyway. I joined Rev at the start of this year because I love singing and I had this vague idea of being a bit like Forrest Gump when he joined a gospel choir, but what I didn't realise was quite how great the atmosphere would be.

Every other choir i've been in has been geared towards impressing other people, they had long and boring rehearsals in order to get the best sound out of the singers for the three nights of a performance to impress everyones parents. Rev really turns that on its head, we were singing on Saturday cause they were cool songs and we have an amazing band and we enjoy singing, the fact that there was an audience there was incedental, we would have had just as much fun if the place was empty.

I felt as much part of the audience on saturday as anyone else, I hadn't seen the dance, drama or barbershop before and i didn't know what songs we were going to sing until we started singing them, swaying and clapping is great fun, it was probably the most enjoyable time that i've performed something in my life.

So when I say we were awesome I'm really paying tribute to the exec of Rev who organised that experience for me, it was the best night i've had in a long time, thanks everybody.

March 03, 2006

Did Bush actually get it right on climate change?

It’s always disturbing as a democratic socialist to find oneself agreeing with a right wing Republican, particularly on something like the environment. Perhaps I ought to clarify slightly, Bush’s position as I understand it is that the environment comes behind pretty much everything on his list of important things to do. To him the idea of potentially harming the economy in order to cut carbon emissions is just wrong, he does not see the justification for causing his country short term pain in order to protect the environment, and so chooses the easy way out of promising a bit of money to research. This is clearly ridiculous, it is political short term thinking at its worst and should be thoroughly condemned.

But equally ridiculous is the notion that by endeavour alone we can prevent climate change, that by making economically painful decisions to cut carbon emissions by insignificant amounts we will save the planet. Because even if every country signed the Kyoto protocol and stuck to the targets we would only delay the current projected carbon levels for 2100 to 2106 (stats from some radio 4 program a while back). Even if every country on earth signed a much stricter treaty that allowed us perhaps 250 years rather than 200 years before the planet is a burnt out shell of its former self that would hardly be a victory for the environment (I made up the stats but they seem realistic to me). I think Blair made the right decision sign Kyoto because with a booming economy we are able to make the investments in renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency at the moment, and it is true that any long term environment strategy will probably have to look at these things, but lets not be fooled into thinking that these will save the planet single handedly.

Bush, despite his naivety about pretty much every political issue, has actually hit the nail on the head when saying that research is the answer. But we don’t need a couple of hundred million dollars for research, we need the kind of money that the American defence budget gets to set up a huge team of well resourced scientists with the single task of halting the decay of our environment. Scientists have flown us to space, they have split the atom, they have learnt to clone us and they can genetically modify the food we eat, these projects all pail into insignificance compared with the prospect of a long term solution to climate change, I am sure it can be done but it needs big money and it needs to happen now.

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