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February 14, 2006


"Tescos would like to remind you that it's valentines day to day."


February 11, 2006

A Different Type of Holiday

A few things have come together recently that have made me think i want to go away sometime, but I don't want a conventional holiday. I went to Budapest with my friend Elin last year and, while it was a fantastic holiday, I felt a bit of pretty building fatigue. It was as if every step we took had been choreographed by the various guide books we'd read, and even though we may have seen the best sights in Budapest nothing surprised me or took my breath away. It was great fun for the company and the food and the experiences, but it wasn't quite how I'd imagined. This contrasts with a visit to London where I arrived an hour early for my meeting and so decided to walk from Euston to Westminster, taking rough directions from a map in the station. After half an hour I turned a corner and suddenly Trafalgar Square was in front of me, it is surely less attractive than some of the sights in Budapest but I felt as if I'd discovered it, the surprise of finding it made it much nicer.

The second influence was meeting various backpackers when I was on Jailbreak. While I don't share their opinion that getting stoned with other travellers in various capitals amounts to seeing European culture, I was impressed with the fact that they had no timetable and were in no hurry, they'd earned their money for the trip and were going to travel until it ran out.

Thirdly I'm enjoying my running more and more these days. When I was 14 I tried meditation for a few weeks, I didn't stick with it because I found it very difficult to clear my head, but I do feel like I've meditated after completing a long run. I think of very little when I run and I always feel refreshed after I finish, particularly if I really push myself. This week I've been training myself to run regularly, I ran 35 miles between Saturday and Wednesday running at least four miles on each of the days, not sticking to a predetermined route but going on whatever footpath took my fancy.

So I think I'm going to take myself off on a different type of holiday after I graduate in a years time. I will continue to work on my fitness over the next year, hopefully completing the Loch Ness Marathon in October, and I'll earn a bit of money this holiday. Next year I'm going to go running somewhere, possibly Wales, and I'm not going to look at a guide book to do other people's walks and see their sights, I'm just going to run wherever I fancy running. I'm not going to decide now how long or far I'm going to run, that's really not what it's about, and I'm not going to do it for charity or anything cause that puts pressure on me to do it a certain way. I'm just gonna pack a fleece, a spare pair of shorts, a book and my harmonica into a bag and get on a train to somewhere and just run where I want to go, its gonna be awesome.

Is My House a Hotbed of International Terrorism?

Those reading my blog may have seen that last week I reported a suspicious looking van parked outside our house. Today I must announce that the situation is far worse than anyone could possibly have imagined. Yesterday the van was outside our house for about six hours, and while I didn't get a good look at the driver I suspect he may well have looked a bit like Jack Bauer. Certainly there was very little customer service to be done sitting in an unbranded van outside a cemetery.


Then this morning the mystery deepened. Those who wish to become fully immersed in the story may wish to imagine strange music in the background while reading the next passage. Dave, Ollie and I were out at lectures when there was knock at the door. Adrian answered to find a shifty looking bloke with a large package that could well have been a box of anthrax. "I've got a package for Hugo Fernandes" says the shifty looking bloke with a wink. He didn't actually wink but I think it makes him seem more suspicious. Since neither Dave, Ollie or I answer to the name 'Hugo Fernandes' Adrian sent the man away.

So the big question is which of my housemates are involved in international terrorism that has attracted the attention of the FBI? Which of my housemates uses the cover name Hugo Fernandes? Vote now.

Ollie BeardDave Beard

Chief suspects are Dave (left) and Ollie (right). They don't actually have beards but Ollie was bored during exams last year and had some fun with Photoshop

February 10, 2006

World News

I heard this on Radio 4 the other day but can't find an article for it anywhere.

"Police in Sweden are baffled after two people broke into a school but didn't steal anything, instead they completed maths problems that had been left on the board".


February 04, 2006

Since other people are doing it

I thought I may as well have a go.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Kempez!

  1. Kempez cannot jump.
  2. Kempez can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid!
  3. Apples are covered with a thin layer of Kempez!
  4. Kempez is incapable of sleep.
  5. Forty percent of the world's almonds and twenty percent of the world's peanuts are used in the manufacture of Kempez!
  6. According to the story, Pinocchio was made of Kempez.
  7. During the reign of Peter the Great, any Russian nobleman who chose to wear Kempez had to pay a special Kempez tax.
  8. Kempez was invented in China in the eleventh century, but was only used for fireworks, never for weapons!
  9. The deepest part of Kempez is over 35,000 feet deep!
  10. Antarctica is the only continent without Kempez.
I am interested in - do tell me about

February 02, 2006

The FBI are coming for me

Today I saw a very suspicious looking van outside my house. I know that every company has a customer services department but I don't think that they do anything, let alone anything that might require a very large van. And what genuine company doesn't use their vans as a mobile advertisment? This van is completely unbranded.


The only conclusion is that the FBI are after me. Obviously my younger more radical days are catching up with me, I haven't always been a Blairite. Maybe someone found out about when I used to be an American embassy storming hippy. Either that or the old woman next door to us is a heroine smuggling arms dealing human trafficker. Actually I prefer that conspiracy theory, I'll think twice about crossing her in future.

February 01, 2006

DNA Databases

There are a lot of complaints in the press at the moment because DNA samples have been taken from people who haven't been convicted of or accepted a caution for an offence, but the articles that I've read do not question that DNA samples should be taken from convicted criminals.

I find this a rather odd position, I don't know the science of DNA, but presumably there are two risks involved, that DNA evidence will falsely place someone at the scene of a crime, or that the police will view DNA evidence of being at a crimescene as evidence of guilt. I'm not sure how big these two factors are and I so I can't conclude about whether DNA evidence is acceptable, but surely if its not ok to take these risks with an "ordinary member of the public" then its not ok to take them with someone who has previously been convicted but has served their time in prison.

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