June 27, 2009

Work Avoidance

Today’s chief method of work avoidance has been reminiscence. Daydreams led me slowly towards a dinner I shared with Caroline at what was at the time Dubrovnik’s only vegetarian restaurant, not particularly fine food it has to be said, during which we only managed to name 49 American states. Times and technology have changed and now sporcle provides a much more efficient way of wasting time on such problems, my knowledge of US states hasn’t improved but somewhat more worryingly I was only able to name seventeen of Time Magazine’s top 100 books given the authors. And no matter how many times I entered ‘The End of The Affair’ it just wasn’t there. Then I went to Waterstone’s with three of the top one hundred on my list and they didn’t have any of them. Troubling.

Anyway, cleaning to do…..

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  1. Dave

    yay, you’re blogging again.

    btw, your link is entered incorrectly. cool website though, i was looking for something to do today…

    29 Jun 2009, 10:50

  2. Fixed. Hopefully.

    29 Jun 2009, 11:50

  3. Tom

    Ah no sporcle is addictive! what have you got me into! lol

    30 Jun 2009, 11:16

  4. Dave

    remember what you said about blogging regularly?

    08 Jul 2009, 13:02

  5. I’m doing my best…

    09 Jul 2009, 13:46

  6. James

    I only got 13! (Should have got animal farm and catch-22 but wasn’t paying attention). Note On the Road is on there! What were the 3 you went for?

    09 Jul 2009, 15:32

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