June 19, 2009

The Banned List

I like banning things. It makes me feel important. The following people are banned from my house.

  • George Galloway
  • Robert Kilroy-Silk
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Ken Livingstone
  • Anne Robinson
  • Julia Hartley-Brewer

Chief crimes are arrogance and general offensiveness. Catherine thinks we should ban Fern Cotton. I don’t think she understands how important my list is. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Thomas Hayes

    Remember that Kilroy was my idea. How about Bob Crow and Ken Livingstone?

    20 Jun 2009, 16:26

  2. Thomas Hayes

    I didn’t notice Ken was already there. I think you might want Jeremy Clarkson too, but I’m afraid that I would have to veto.

    20 Jun 2009, 20:37

  3. Oh Yeah Bob Crow and Jeremy Clarkson are definitely going on, plus Michael O’Leary – the most odious man in the world. Not sure you can claim credit for Kilroy Tom, I think he’d appear on most people’s lists.

    21 Jun 2009, 10:16

  4. Andrew Ingram

    Weird, in my house Richard Dawkins is on the ‘always welcome’ list.

    21 Jun 2009, 14:27

  5. I’d reply here but my objections to Richard Dawkins deserve a blog entry of their own.

    21 Jun 2009, 16:24

  6. James Taylor

    Jeremy Clarkson are definitely going on

    That’s fine – he’d be welcome at my house any time. It’d be a sad day if the folks like Clarkson were forever silenced by the people without a sense of humour.

    22 Jun 2009, 08:33

  7. Who’s Julia Hartley-Brewer? That’s the only name I don’t recognise. I’f ‘arrogance and general offensiveness bothers you, consider banning people who write for the Daily Mail.

    22 Jun 2009, 21:51

  8. James Bateman

    Please can you add me to your band list of people, as a precaution. I am very opinionated and have the tendency to offend.

    22 Jun 2009, 22:40

  9. Thomas Hayes

    11, I think JHB does write for the Daily Mail…..( looks ) Actually she writes for the Express. That’s even worse!

    22 Jun 2009, 22:51

  10. Josh

    Catherine Tate. I find her offensive. She’s annoys me with a passion.

    23 Jun 2009, 11:12

  11. Hmm, I think the Jeremy Clarkson rant is going to need an entry all of its own too… Julia Hartley-Brewer is an awful woman who writes for the daily express, she’s been on Have I Got News For You a couple of times. If you think about crossing Polly Toynbee’s sense of righteous outrage with politics only slightly to the left of Nick Griffin and you get something close.

    In fact maybe Polly Toynbee should be added too. I’m rejecting Catherine Tate I’m afraid, she’s in a different class of annoying.

    23 Jun 2009, 11:45

  12. James Taylor

    Hmm, I think the Jeremy Clarkson rant is going to need an entry all of its own too

    Go for it – I’m ready for some debate :)

    25 Jun 2009, 09:27

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