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May 29, 2006


I've been thinking about how often I blog and how this relates to how much free time i have and it's a little odd. Then, being a little bit of a geek, I drew a graph on paint.

Blogging Frequency

As can be seen, when i have very little free time I do very little blogging, and then as my free time increases so does my blogging. But then we reach a point where I have enough free time to start doing things like play civilization and shave and watch neighbours and so my blogging decreases until I have so much free time that I can waste time in many ways including blogging. If i have even more time than that my day loses all structure and nothing gets done, so there is neither any blogging or anything to blog about.

I'm not sure how to incorporate things like when I get attacked by the Romans and so get depressed about Civ for a bit and go and blog, or when I cut myself shaving and decide to cheer myself up by writing an entry, maybe my graph could be improved in some way. Also there's surely some dependency on how much stuff I need to do that i really don't want to, that always makes me procrastinate.

When is a set not a set?

Is there a word for a set which is neither open nor closed? During Fractal Geometry this year Anthony Manning (legend) described a set which is both open and closed as being clopen, a cumbersome word but i suppose it does the trick. A door which is neither open nor closed would be described as ajar, and i think if my one lasting contribution to mathematics were to coin the phrase 'an ajar set' I would be very happy. Not only would this prove handy language, but would give rise to the joke,

"When is a set not a set?"

"When it's ajar!

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