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January 24, 2010


Today would be a perfect day for twitter, I arrived in Pisa last night and my conference doesn’t start until tomorrow so I have to keep all my inane thoughts to myself. Then I remembered my much neglected blog and thought I should write what I would have ‘tweeted’ were I technologically aware.

10.15: Just woke up, the light is so bright here even in January! Opened my curtains with excitement but all I can see is a few bins in a really tiny courtyard, inspecting the fire escape plan I see that all the other rooms are bigger than mine with a window that looks to the outside, hrmmp.

10.45 My shower has a fold down seat in it! I don’t take advantage of it this time as it’s my first morning and I don’t want all of my excitement on the first day.

11.00 Does having pizza for breakfast make you a bad person?

12.00 Why does everybody talk so negatively about Pisa? Sure it’s a little run down in places but there are some truly magnificent parts too. And lots of signs telling me that it’s illegal to buy fake merchandise.

12.15 I ring Aspa from a payphone hoping that she’ll be able to see my number and call me for free from Skype. Alas not, my euro disappears far too quickly.

13.00 So I knew it was called the leaning tower of Pisa and guessed it had a bit of a tilt but this thing really looks like it’s about to fall over. Mad. Lovely hills in the background, I might try and rent a bike.

15.00 Afternoon nap

16.00 BBC World is great! For a start they decide to spread their weather reports out over the hour, I know it’ll be foggy in Beijing on Tuesday but I’ll have to wait some unknown length of time to find out about Pisa. The Italian channels have beautiful people fighting with swords, I guess I don’t really need to understand what they’re saying.

17.00 “Just because somebody believes they’re the reincarnation of Jesus Christ it doesn’t make their opinions on other things invalid”. Genius line from a documentary about conspiracy theorists.

18.00 Is graffitti an italian word? There’s loads of it here which is a shame, surely there are better ways of fighting facism than painting ‘no facism’ on the wall of some historic building. And also better ways of desecrating historic buildings. I’m off to find some food, hopefully with wine.

Conference starts tomorrow – should be good. Also I’m generally not keeping my phone on so if you want to contact me then email is a good way.

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