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May 13, 2006

Boo for Tescos

Boo for Tescos 'cause I wanted pie and it was shut. Sometimes when I go to Tescos at the weekend Sean is there and he makes announcements over the tannoy, it's very exciting.

The Kempez Half Marathon

I ran my favourite distance run at Warwick again on thursday setting off at about nine oclock which was a bad plan cause it was dark when i was running around the footpaths behind Kenilworth and I find the countryside very scary at night. I'm not sure exactly what distance the run is but it took me thirteen minutes longer than the coventry half marathon which probably means its a little bit further and i run a bit slower cause I don't have a crowd running with me. If you live on campus and like distance running then do this, you spend lots of time in the countryside and very little time in towns, its awesome.

*Start at the Phantom Coach.

*Run to Varsity.

*Go straight over the roundabout and run past Westwood Church to Westwood Heath.

*Turn left at the T junction at the top of the hill and run out of Westwood Heath to the first turning on the left called Red Lane.

*Turn on to Red Lane and appreciate the nice smelling bushes.

*Turn left at the end of Red Lane towards Kenilworth.

*Run into Kenilworth and turn right onto a track immediately after the 'Too Fast' sign.

*Run along this track for ages past a deep dark wood on the left.

*Immediately after the deep dark wood turn left down the hill with the wood on your left.

*Turn left when you cross a stream, I think the footpath is signposted Kenilworth Castle

*Grumble to yourself about the fact that the farmer is clearly pocketing his EU grants to maintain the footpath, go through a few gates and wonder where the footpath has gone, eventually you get to a big field with a marsh in the middle, take the narrow footpath on the opposite side of the field which soon turns into a track to Kenilworth Castle.

*Turn right just before Kenilworth Castle and skirt around the walls and then follow the main exit from the castle to the car park.

*Cross the road that the car park leads on to then turn left.

*Turn right onto Abbey Fields, run across them and to the main crossroads in Kenilworth, turn right and run back to Campus and then to the Phantom Coach.

This is possibly my favourite run, I really like how quiet it is although it is quite scary being lost in the countryside at night and having to rely on your gut instinct that the footpath you're on will lead you to Kenilworth. When I'm used to this and I want to up the distance a little I might find a better way out of Kenilworth, running on the road is very boring but i don't want to go back the way I came or through the farmyard that I tried once.

Sorry if you're not interested in running or Warwickshire or me, that was probably very boring.

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