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November 09, 2005

Seven Ages of Man

So Iím sitting on a train going towards Derby and rather than doing my history of maths Iím thinking about this poem that was quite possibly by Shakespeare called the Seven Ages of Man. And then, in that weird time between being asleep and awake I start wondering who I might like to be like in each of those ages. I reckoned that since Iím 20 now that 2 stages of my life have passed so I only have 5 left. Obviously Iíll always be my own person, but these were the people I thought I ought to treat as role models.

20-30 Forest Gump Ė Forest is a legend, he overcomes adversity to be really successful and by the end of the film he seems truly content. He finally gets the girl, always a plus, but the thing that most attracted me about Forest was the real variety of his life. I have already joined a gospel choir and started long distance running so I suppose I am trying to emulate him in some way

30-40 – Iíve got two people in here but since they are both the same kind of character (in fact they are played by the same actor) thatís ok. The first is the teacher from Dead Poets Society, I admit itís a long time since Iíve seen the film and I donít remember all that much but I was very impressed with the way he inspired people, Iíd like to inspire people like that someday. Also, he clearly has a huge passion for literature which is what he devotes his life to. In a similar vein, the psychiatrist in Good Will Hunting really had a positive effect on peopleís lives.

40-50 – Rick from Casablanca. There is something appealing about a man who is heartbroken without wallowing in self pity. I wonít spoil the film for anyone whoís not seen it, but its awesome so you should. (The Red Dwarf piss-take is also worth a watch).

50-60 – Colin Rourke. None of our other lecturers turn up at nine oíclock lectures with quite such enthusiasm and blatant joy for mathematics. Add in the beard, the shorts, the cycling and the maths jokes and youíve got yourself a genuine dude.

60-death – Bill Gates is a bit controversial, and I donít actually know that much about him so Iím sure Iím going to find out heís a complete bastard, but he has said that heís going to give away his entire fortune before he dies and he is funding huge amounts of research into aids. While we may all get frustrated with windows, Bill Gates has made a fortune himself and is doing good things with it.

Other people i thought about but decided against were

  • Ace Rimmer
  • Bob Dylan
  • Lord Flashheart
  • Mr Kipling (he does make exceedingly good cakes)
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy

Anyway better go, the history of maths won't do itself

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