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May 06, 2006

Goodbye Mr. Hat

I first found my hat in the maths common room in October, I was sitting in a corner doing measure theory and over the course of a couple of hours lots of my friends came to speak to me, presumably believing the squiggles i'd drawn on the blackboard to be some deep and meaningful insight into the assignment. When it was time to go I picked up my bag and noticed a hat sitting right next to it, believing it to belong to one of my friends i picked it up and took it home. Gradually I realised that the hat didn't belong to any of my friends, and that by this time the previous owner would probably have moved on and got a new hat, so there was no reason why i shouldn't take it on Jailbreak with me just incase we got to Iceland. He became mine and I named him Mr Hat.

We had many happy times together, Jailbreak, Backdane, Labour Student's conference, NUS, he was always there for me when i wanted to go on some ridiculous adventure and feared the cold. But as the days grew longer and warmer i didn't wear Mr Hat quite so much, he was no longer a constant companion on my journeys, I guess he just couldn't face the idea of playing second fiddle to a summer hat. Funnily enough I was revising measure theory again when he finally decided to go, he always did have a good sense of timing. I came back from the maths block and i couldn't find him anywhere, perhaps he's migrated north to colder climates or perhaps he's moved on to find someone else in the maths block, who knows.

Anyway, no need to get sentimental, I'm going to by a straw hat so that if i encouter a beautiful lady when strolling across fields i can raise my hat to her, its gonna be excellent

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