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December 04, 2011

Science_e–Learning task review for Cheryl Watson

Writing about web page

Hi Cheryl, sorry it's late but this is a quick review of your Prezi presentation about the melting points of different types of chocolate. I thought drawing inspiration from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was fun & it would definitely be an investigation children would love doing ( as long as they could keep their fingers out of the bowls, unlike your willing participant). I liked your use of video clips as I thought they elucidated the investigation & added a vital component of any Science investigation; the child's perspective. Your participant clearly enjoyed doing the experiment & learnt about predictions & about checking her predictions.

My only critique of the Prezi would be that you didn't elaborate on the Science as much as maybe you could have. It was decided that dark chocolate melted quicker than milk or white, but why was this the case? I'm not sure if your participant understood why this happened either & personally I don't know why this is the case so I'll look forward to speaking about it next week! Well done & I would just like to say it's a lot more comprehensive than mine which I had to publish in its very early stages (Prezi was stressing me out!). See you next week, all the best.

Tom Traxson

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