January 08, 2012

Reading_teacher reflection pp2

Reflection on PP2 – Promoting Reading for Purpose and Pleasure - Year 6

During my time in year 6 I worked with two, part-time, class teachers neither of whom expressed a great passion or strong interest in reading to me. One of my class teachers considered herself a Maths specialist with the other not specifying a specialism or particular interest area. The Maths specialist however had a young son and directed me towards several texts that he had enjoyed which I was able to incorporate into the year 6 English lessons such as 'the true story of the three little pigs' by John Scieszka. As well as the one mentioned previously I was also introduced to a modern retelling of 'Romeo and Juliet' by Michael Cox. This text was used during guided reading sessions and offered a modern British slant on Shakespeare's iconic story. The modern setting on a Nottingham housing estate made the book far more accessible to the children than the original text itself.

This teacher had built up an extensive library of children's literature, and newspapers, outside the classroom and had created imaginative displays and reading areas to engage the children in reading. The Shakespearean corner with working quill pens and a variety of Tudor themed literature was an excellent way to excite the children about reading in this area. Children appeared to use outside library regularly and several of them took responsibility for ensuring the library areas were organised and well stocked. Again on the Shakespearean theme the pupils were due to visit Stratford-upon-Avon latter in the term and had dressed up as Tudors writing imaginative poems based on the Macbeth Witches.

The Tudor and Shakespearean themed wall displays, as mentioned before, were exciting and interactive which engaged the children in the content of the literature on display. The extensive year 6 library, directly outside, also suggested reading was a high priority for their class teachers. As well as the year 6 library their was also an extensive whole school library in the main building which several members of the class helped organise and restock emphasising the schools commitment to reading. During my time at the school there was also a book fair run by the staff which encouraged communication between parents, pupils and their teachers on the topic of reading.

After reading 'the true story of the three little pigs' I asked the children to create a radio report about the events highlighted and many of them used imaginative accents (i.e. American Gangster) and styles of story telling which really brought the book to life. Also during a guided reading session with some of the HA pupils in the class I asked them to add as much expression as they could to the modern 'Romeo and Juliet' story. This led to some interesting and often hilarious English 'street' accents from the children to reflect the colloquial language used throughout the text.

December 04, 2011

Science_e–Learning task review for Cheryl Watson

Writing about web page http://prezi.com/fju78awpjfov/an-experiment-into-melting-chocolate-based-on-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory/

Hi Cheryl, sorry it's late but this is a quick review of your Prezi presentation about the melting points of different types of chocolate. I thought drawing inspiration from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was fun & it would definitely be an investigation children would love doing ( as long as they could keep their fingers out of the bowls, unlike your willing participant). I liked your use of video clips as I thought they elucidated the investigation & added a vital component of any Science investigation; the child's perspective. Your participant clearly enjoyed doing the experiment & learnt about predictions & about checking her predictions.

My only critique of the Prezi would be that you didn't elaborate on the Science as much as maybe you could have. It was decided that dark chocolate melted quicker than milk or white, but why was this the case? I'm not sure if your participant understood why this happened either & personally I don't know why this is the case so I'll look forward to speaking about it next week! Well done & I would just like to say it's a lot more comprehensive than mine which I had to publish in its very early stages (Prezi was stressing me out!). See you next week, all the best.

Tom Traxson

October 17, 2011

Task B: Reflections on your PP1 Experience

During my PP1 I was given the opportunity to read the first Harry Potter book to a small year 2 class at Lillington Primary School. The class teacher selected this book as the new class reader and having read this book as a youngster I asked whether it would be possible for me to begin reading it to the children. I asked the children to come and sit on the carpet at the front of the class and I perched on a low chair in front of them. Before beginning I asked who had already read the book, or watched the film, and asked these children to help the ones who hadn’t come across Harry Potter before. Whilst reading I attempted to gauge the understanding of the children at key moments by asking relevant questions about the content of the book. I also tried to use varied accents and voice tones to add expression to the text. Having had very little prior experience of reading in front of a class of children I felt fairly confident and comfortable and was able to get into the book myself. The children were comfortable sitting on the carpet and remained attentive and engaged throughout the reading. I felt to improve my performance in the future I could use more actions, accents and expressions to add emphasis to the text and to fully engage the children, this would be especially important with younger children. I felt I used my voice well however I could use pitch and tone changes to further enhance the experience for the children.

Task A: A Reading Autobiography

My earliest memories were reading with my Mum and Dad from a young age. This would usually take place in my bedroom before going to sleep. I can remember being excited about story time encouraging me to get ready for bed as quickly as possible so I could read with my parents. I would usually read in bed and my Mum or Dad would sit by me and read till I fell to sleep, or if it was a particularly gripping or long read they would leave it hanging till next time.

My early reading experiences were of books by Dr Seuss, Allan Ahlberg and Roald Dahl. I remember being particularly in awe of the strange comedy in ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and the enchanting Dahl tales ‘The BFG’ and ‘The Twits’. ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ however sticks in my memory as one of my all time favourites due largely to the way I was transported into the lives of Mr Fox and his family. As I grew up I remember enjoying the ‘Just William’ series by Richmal Crompton as well as Sue Townsend’s ‘Adrian Mole’ diaries. Most recently I have read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography and I’m currently listening to Keith Richards’s autobiography on audio book. More recently I’ve lent towards non-fiction books and especially enjoy reading about the lives and adventures of icons and celebrities.

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