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April 17, 2011

Resource Utilization

Looking through my section of resource utilization, it just struck me hard and varied it is to utilize the resouces and free up inventory money and its effect on the cashflow. The variables and assumptions that need to be made really is complex and extremely interesting. I most certainly wish to take up resource utilization for my PMA.

In a certain way, when i was thinking of money tied up in inventory with old stock and in process goods, it reminded me of our PMA and Projects and their relative importance. Maybe I should concentrate more on my priorities or maybe im just going crazy ;)

Climate change session and its usefullness

During the module review session in KBAM, one point that was discussed was the use of the climate change session on monday. While I was the only one that seemed to feel the session added very little value to any aspect of KBAM and had more to do with how the group was working (i.e. Leadership). Almost every person who I spoke to on monday was of the opinion that it really was not of much use at all. however on Friday, every single person said that it was a good session to keep.

Now I wonder what happened from monday to Friday? was it that on reflection they believe thy did get something out of it? or was it like Paul said ( and which I dont agree with at all) was how we could possibly link RDM with it too and make something of a flow. How many of us could honestly say the RDM modules learning actully helped in their decisions? ( not just plain say it but actually believe it?)

and if anybody can say it did, well I must tell you our decisions were not exactly robust considering we did pretty bad from the possible achievable total

Suits and its effects

Well, ive been away for too long now, and here was some of the biggest learning experiences from this blog.

firstly, suits really are cool to wear!!! and I already am working on my power walk ;) (heights of optimism I know).but on a serious note, wehn I actually wore a suit for something like a presentation, I really thing it makes a difference! It really does.  You tend to take things more serious when you wear a suit, it gives a very professional feel. 

The second aspect I would like to talk about is about teams and leaders that every team has.  KBAM was my eight module, every module till date involved me being in random groups except for LE. The difference in the teams and working wit the team was at this point in time, we all had a rough idea of who is good and what they are good at. As a result of which we each, wheather we agree or not, had expectations about how diffrent teams would perform and about how they would work as a group. You know what I ended up learning?? You can never judge how people will get along with each other and how well or bad they work and is so so important in terms of performance. It just goes on to explain, on a much much smaller scale how important, the Psychology part of Dr. Deming sopk or people aspect of the excellence model are given so much importance. If you want to get good results you need your followers on your side.

Along the same lines as the above point, what is it that gets a person going? every person has an on switch and an off switch. Some people find that being challeged brings out the best in them?? While others find competition and channel it to perform better. Through communication and relationships is the only way to get things working, but believe me, from my experience at being a leader, finding the switch is easy, the turning it on is the hard part.

April 09, 2011

Demming and Leadership

Well the Leadership and Excellence is coming along nicely and as usual I left it till nice and late to get down to it.

Right from the off I must tell you I am not a big a fan of Dr. Demming. While I do agree with what Demming has to say on a lot of aspects, I am not as convinced and sold by it to the extend somebody like Vagelis is. However what I do believe is that Demming is a genius and has really has contributed a lot in so many various fields of management.  He has managed to basically cover so many many areas and also make sense while at it.

As I went through the various theories for this PMA, I could see how so many of the theories could have links drawn with Demming's idea's either agreeing or contradicting. 

Take the Psychodynamic Approach for example, this approach could have link drawn in regard to the Pschology aspect of the SoPK or even a new theory like Authentic Leadership which could again draws to a certain extend in aspects of system thinking and Psychology.

I hopefully will/have done a good job of linking what I belive in ( the leadership theories) with what I could be believer of ( Demming and his philosophies) by the end of this PMA.

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