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March 31, 2011

working alone in KBAM

Wooooh man!!! When Paul told us about how this would be the culmination of all our working on the presentations on this one big presentation, there I was sniggering away in the corner thinking... Sure, this would be just like any other presentation and we would all be perfffffectly fine. But now that I am here, into the working of the presention, it really seems like a massive massive task. NOT just on the available content front but on various other fronts!!!

How do we co-ordinate 6 different peoples ideas to make it into one logical flow during the presentation??How do we make sure everybody is working along the same lines??  How are each of us going to actually understand all  that is put forward by the others??

Another question that I have is how each one of us usually has a good grasp of the entire presentation and the entire subject  in regard to the presentatin as we all end up working on it together in the previous modules. in this case, are we all not missing out to a large extend of learning when each of us are off doing individual work??? and I believe even the team work aspect comes into just the forming the presentation, We hardly meet to work on things other than to disucss each of our progress.

This is probably going to be a real world experience and we wil learn a lot from this but this really feels more like individual work and then just putting things together.

Either way,When I am done with this presentation, I really will be proud of the effort each of us are putting into it and hopefully ( fingers crossed) things will turn out good. 

March 18, 2011

discussion in decisions.

Even though I believe that in order to make good decisions, the person making the decision needs to be well informed, i find that discussion among groups really bring out good ideas and really assist in the decison making.

Sometimes indecisiveness can come from not having all the information needed to make a good discussion can fill in those gaps and even if the people participating in the discussion don't have the answer, they may hold the key to where to find it. Discussion also makes people feel like they are part of the process--it gives them ownership of the solution, so people actually think and put in a lot of effort, resulting in a win win situation for all.

March 16, 2011

SMART decision trees

My learning today in regard to decision making was the effect, visualisation of our decisions could help in the decision making process.

When we discuss in regard to any aspect of decision making, the point that really stood out for me was how much better understanding of the problem is gained by being able to see the entire problem and try analysisng it.

That is the reason why i beleive almost every team is doing the decision tree analysis. The decision tree analysis really helps gain clarity and also puts things into a much better financial as well as overall perspective.

The two tools, for me, that I really enjoyed working on and understanding was SMART and Decision tree. While I understand and did use tools like AHP and grid analysis, etc. non of the tools really helped me feel a tangable decision with a logical flow with my priorities like the way SMART did or help understand the problem and put things into perspective like the way the decision tree succeeded.

March 15, 2011

partialities and preferences.

During the implementation of the tools used for making decision, a certain aspect I noticed was how I already had a prejudiced idea on which decision I would prefer over the other. While in this case it was the right choice, prefering one certain choice does tend to skew the importance and factors considered towards this choice. I suppose this is a problem that everybody else faces but it really is soo hard to keep a neutral view towards any choice that needs to be made in life. You always have one that stands out compared to the rest. The worst part?? majority of the time it does not work out very well and is probably not the best choice to take up.

March 14, 2011

ADD uncertainty and luck ;)

After this module started, one thing i have in particular kept looking out for was about how many of my decisions were made very impulsively and on the basis of gut feeling. While i admit that I dint make any life changing decisions in this week since the commencement of this module, i did realise i could certainly use a lot more thinking into most decisions instead of doing things impulsively and spontaneously.

Another couple of things I did realise was understanding how hard it is managers to make decisions. Most decisions that are made involve so many assumptions and uncertainities. Even with our team having the data given to us with so many things made so clear and lucid along with even the probabilities too, we still found it so hard to decide how to go about certain aspects and ended up having so many many doubts. The second thing that i realised was I really suffer from ADD. i ticked 7 of the 9 elements ;) man do i need help or what!!! ;)

Two Things that I have learnt from the time i learnt i put into the exercise today is that i need every decision needs to be made with solid reasoning and logic MOST of the time and the second thing is that you need a WHOLE TRUCK LOAD OF LUCK. Even with the best data available and all the right elements considered there still involves the chance that you could fall flat on your face without things going for you.

PS: I love the Smart tool!!! its so simple and brilliant!!! 

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