April 17, 2011

Climate change session and its usefullness

During the module review session in KBAM, one point that was discussed was the use of the climate change session on monday. While I was the only one that seemed to feel the session added very little value to any aspect of KBAM and had more to do with how the group was working (i.e. Leadership). Almost every person who I spoke to on monday was of the opinion that it really was not of much use at all. however on Friday, every single person said that it was a good session to keep.

Now I wonder what happened from monday to Friday? was it that on reflection they believe thy did get something out of it? or was it like Paul said ( and which I dont agree with at all) was how we could possibly link RDM with it too and make something of a flow. How many of us could honestly say the RDM modules learning actully helped in their decisions? ( not just plain say it but actually believe it?)

and if anybody can say it did, well I must tell you our decisions were not exactly robust considering we did pretty bad from the possible achievable total

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  1. Thomas I think we can not say if we did good or bad, because the answers were evaluated by the people that created the program. I think that every single answer can be good, but in a different situation and different country. we can not say that a decision is good and apropriate every time and every where…

    18 Apr 2011, 00:13

  2. I think the key thing going into the Climate Change task, that I wouldn’t have had without RDM, was awareness of bias. I know that our group didn’t explicitly discuss it, as some groups did, but it was always there in my head. “Am I making this decision because of what I already thought?” “Are other people making decisions based on personal preference, and on how they might be affected, or are they thinking about the overall goal of increasing awareness and balancing that with popularity (or whatever it was)?”

    I was questioning the process. THAT, for me, is the difference, and the reason that the task is worth having. Whether KBAM is the right home for it, is a different question…;-)

    18 Apr 2011, 00:18

  3. I have to agree with Yanik. based on the previous modules and specially RDM I can say that we focused not only on the best answers. we were discussing the other options and several times the only person with different answer convinced the other team memers to take his suggestion. Another thing that we did. we took decisions based on what we are tryng to achieve – not just spontaneous answers that fits us best.

    As a conclusion, no matter how much you question the process, unexpected concequences always will be… as our team experienced after the simulation when we run it again to see how bad we can do. Even though we discused the results, there were answers that we but to lower the results and they turned to be the best answers…

    18 Apr 2011, 08:29

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