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June 19, 2016

KBAM – The creation of a safe environment and an ongoing journey

Reflecting on KBAM is similar to reflecting on the entire year’s study, in the sense that much of the module incorporated a number of aspects from other modules, displaying itself to be a ‘conclusive module’ to the MBE course.

The module brought out a few areas which I believe can add significant value in my own learnings and endeavours in life after WMG.

The creation of a safe environment

The idea of a safe environment has been difficult to comprehend from the position of academia vs in a real organisational environment. Throughout the year, the principle of a safe environment has been exceptionally useful to my own learning, it has allowed me personally develop my knowledge to an extent that I previously did not seem possible. Having visited Jaguar Land Rover, it is clear to see the need for a ‘safe environment’ where employees can be less fearful is highly apparent. I feel that when going into an organisation, one of the first steps I will look to investigate is the creation of a safe environment within my own area of influence. It would be exceptionally difficult to change the culture of an entire organisation, but changing my own area, with the implementation of effective leadership, stronger relationships, empowerment and valuing those around me will lead to a more successful journey for both myself and those in my area of influence.

The resultant of this will be the ability to harness tacit knowledge, the difficulty for organisations today is to be able to operate at a competitive advantage and one of the areas they continuously seek to improve is the ability to convert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. My instincts tell me that in the coming years I will be able to compound my learning just by implementing and applying what I have learnt. This will come in the form of fellow employees or individuals being able to trust my character and therefore share knowledge.

A situational awareness

Simply put, an afternoon spent on situational awareness will result in a life time of value. The approach of being ‘situationally aware’ will be tremendously applicable both in personal and working life. The most shocking aspect of this was just how much we as human beings do in an “unconscious manner”. A real area for improvement in the coming years will be to deploy what I would now call a “IIA”. The ability to gather information, interpret and then anticipate which can only lead to positive benefits. This leads me onto a further point of personally appreciating how one shouldn’t focus on outcomes, one should focus solely on the process. It is counter intuitive to believe that we should not focus on the outcomes, but it allows the assurance that conducted activities are done properly with no shortcuts.

A thank you & The paradigm shift

I would like to thank Paul Roberts for his tremendous efforts and his wisdom, he has truly caused a paradigm shift in my own personal life. Facing daily challenges will always be an issue for us all, especially as we grow older and our commitments grow. The teachings of KBAM coupled with the entire MBE experience has allowed my approach to become more calculated, ensuring that I control my emotional and physical state and that I maintain core values and beliefs in whatever I do. Pauls routine of daily reflections in class has left an overwhelming effect on my routine where I take a few moments each day to reflect on the previous day’s learnings. This blog post is not enough to thank you Paul, neither is it enough to reflect on all the learnings you have provided, however one quote will forever remain ingrained into me which is:

“You don’t experience life; you experience your thoughts on life.” (Roberts P, 2016)

I was told this during the leadership module and since then it has been at the front of my mind on a daily basis. It was further echoed in KBAM and it was only then that I truly realised just how powerful this one quote is. Every situation that I now come across, it’s amazing how everyone has different perceptions even though they are in the same situation. Any situation that I come across, whatever it may be, I will endeavour the remain positive on the outlook.

End of taught study…however it is not the end the journey

KBAM was designed to be a ‘conclusive module’, however having studied this, the outcome is not as simple as being an ending, rather it is the beginning. I feel transformed, I feel that I have attained APPLICABLE and VALUABLE knowledge, that as a member of this generation, I feel obligated to catalyse change within organisations but also potentially in society itself. In recent years, many organisations focus too much on results, on outcomes, and this shifts focus away from core foundational values such as that of Deming’s 14 points.

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” (Malcom X). This quote is excellent as a conclusion to this year, I am prepared, I am equipped, MBE and its core focus on individuals such as Deming will result in brighter steps moving forward.

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