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February 29, 2016

Overview of the module

The module has been filled with learning experiences through the application of theories into various practical experimemts. It has been difficult to apply the theories mainly because much of what was taught involved a change to occur in my own mindset. This involved areas such as the 'blame culture', I find it difficult to accept that I am wrong at times and also when a problem occurs, I have a tendency to blame individuals rather than accept as a whole team. Further to this, a shift that has occured which I will be ensuring that I use for the future is the ability to lead top down but also being a leader from a helicopter perspective. I feel that my confidence has increased exponentially due to the fact I appreciate individuals more within the team, listening to the most quiet voice in the group, empowering everyone with a responsibility so that we move towards a shared vision. Life after WMG will be highly intriuging as much of what I have learnt can be applied in both my personal and professional life. My vision has become more attainable because of the learnings, dealing with erratic emotions within a pressurised enviroment, being an oberserver and not being a boss.

February 10, 2016

Leadership & Excellence – Post 1

In recent years we have seen many definitions of what leadership is, the method in being a good leader. From the last two days of learning, my personal understanding of leadership has changed dramatically, this is perhaps due to being exposed to other cultural perspectives of leadership. Through the context of the millitary, Paul highligted the importance of the realm above the "compliance level". It is this at this exceeded level which I believe true leadership occurs, being able to catalyse an individual or collective to go out of their own comfort zones for me, marks an effective leader. So the question in my reflection here is how do I use this moving forward, beyond WMG, beyond the realm of education. Well moving into the real world, I think having the focul point of targeting above compliance levels will come from the philosphy of being counter intuitive, in that in soceity we are raised to be individuals who are essentially babies with a comfort blanket. We want to be told want to do, its an expecation. However, it is as this point we must go against the norm, as a leader, I will engage in in-direct leadership, ask my followers what do they think, emphasise the fact that "I am not in the business of solving problems, I am in the business of working solutions". This is where I can leverage my degree and masters level understanding to identify gaps in the solutions. This creates a culture of a safe enviroment, there is no wrong answer but only continious learning.

February 2016

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