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March 06, 2016

Robust Decision Making – Week One Review

Having completed the first week of Robust Decision Making, it is apparent that there are aspects which I can personally take foreward. The first day of the week was the most difficut to handle from a personal perspective as I find it difficult to accept personal change. It was clearly apparent that my system of thinking was based on what Daniel Kahneman refers to as "System 1". This is the basis that my decision making is essentially more automated rather than being more of an analytical approach. Having had some time to reflect on this, I personally think this is due to the fact that my life is constantly in motion with many events occuring at once. As a result, it is difficult to implement "System 2 thinking" as its more time consuming. As the week went on, it became clearer that their are many tools which I can personally utilise, at first it was difficult to appreciate the tools as they were somewhat difficult to grasp.

However, understanding the tools finally came through having examples both displayed but also had as an excersise. Some of the tools which I feel which can add value to my own life will include such ones as SMART and the Analytical Heirachy Process.

Life after WMG, I do not know what it will hold but I am sure that their will be risks to be considered on a daily basis. As a result, this first week has provided significant grounding on being able to deal with these risks.

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