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October 16, 2007


I always forget to write the blog. Sometimes I remember it and remind to myself to write. I always plan when I finished this task I will write something on my blog.But when I finished I always forgot it and got to bed already.

Those week I still in the difficult time. But today I feel better than before. I just hope it is better day by day. I always enter the role of this course later. At the beginning I do not know what I need studying and how I need do. I was at a loss almost. Now it is better, I begin to understand what we stduying, what should I do. But I can not manage my time very well always do this thing then have no time to do the other things. The second one is I need to improve my studying efficiency.  But I know it is not easy immediately to improve it.  Because it is involved how deep the professional knowledge I know, also about my English ability. But I believe if I use right way to work hard I will be get progress.

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