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March 10, 2008

A bit feeling

Today I get the mark of the LE' PMA, it is a bit better than the PMA of PPE if it was not reduce the mark for the delay submiting. But actually I was feeling the LE' PMA is better than PPE's.  In the PMA of LE I was using lots of original centense which directly citing from the book or journal. So in the LE's PMA, I was avoiding do this as possible as I can. I do like the Paul said, read the paragraph what I need, think it and close the book, then write what I remmember, what I understand.  But I forget to write where I cite or which book inspire me, I also need to write the author and year behind this centense. I still lose some chance to improve my assignment of LE, and actually it is not difficult to do it. I can not say anything by myself.  Maybe this is a self- assessment process. But this process goes so slowly. I should hurry up.

How to Manage Knowledge

Karl Wiig described three "pillars" for knowledge management: survey and categorise knowledge; appraise and evaluate value of knowledge; and synthesise knowledge related activities. Recent work from the University of Amsterdam (Robert van der Speck and Robert de Hoog) increased this to four, focusing on the activities of conceptualising, reflecting, specifying and reviewing.

Knowledge management covers the following:

  • identifying what knowledge assets a company possesses
    • Where is the knowledge asset?
    • What does it contain?
    • What is its use?
    • What form is it in?
    • How accessible is it?
  • analysing how the knowledge can add value
    • What are the opportunities for using the knowledge asset?
    • What would be the effect of its use?
    • What are the current obstacles to its use?
    • What would be its increased value to the company?
  • specifying what actions are necessary to achieve better usability & added value
    • How to plan the actions to use the knowledge asset?
    • How to enact actions?
    • How to monitor actions?
  • reviewing the use of the knowledge to ensure added value
    • Did the use of it produce the desired added value?
    • How can the knowledge asset be maintained for this use?
    • Did the use create new opportunities?

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