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December 03, 2007

Belated aphoristic babblings

We were treated two weeks ago to the first half of the excellent Orphee by John Cocteau, and told upon hearing the strange gibberish transfered across the radio in death's limosine that that was that weeks mission. Well, here are the messages I've recorded from inside death's station wagon - a little less impressive perhaps, but equally impenetrable, I hope. Of all of this, I think the only thing with any going distance is "Wolf figurines" - it makes me think of the statue of Romulus and Remus suckling at a wolf's teat.

·                   First there is a mountain: then there is no mountain

·                   Wire bends without joints

·                   The bear has been skinned by the flies

·                   Philosophers make love on tables

·                   To watch a bicycle is to do very little

·                   Old Gods grow tired, speaking with the mouth of mouths

·                   The stars fell a long time ago

·                   My windowpane is cold: my counterpane is old and forgotten

·                   Wolf-figurines melt beneath me

·                   We desire the son of the sun

·                   Starshine underpenny

·                   Limes and bootwax, together

·                   The toast grenadier

·                   Jazz piano broke her teeth

·                   The lamp that burnt me is sorry - so sorry

·                   Watching a pianola, and fearing the radio

·                   A hard rain fell last night: we didn't care

·                   Say again? Oh, say again?

·                   CJD spins on the needlepoint

·                   Electric toothpaste

·                   Matchboxes hold suns

·                   Three point flash!

·                   Broken teeth are never regrown

·                   Superlungs and kryptohearts, breathe me please!

·                   Rainbows curl into discs - they want to print music

·                   An old man dancing ska is the absolute funk

·                   New worlds, old Gods

·                   Turn the door through the wall and smile

·                   Lipstick, oh lipstick, my lipstick!

·                   Blu-tack bubbles tie the world together

·                   Strung from one side of reality to the other

·                   String-tied hamster teeth

·                   A little wait and then-

·                   Tissue paper hearts lick lick lick the sky

·                   The teats of his mother dried up

·                   Skin the wolf, skin the bear, skin skin skin!

·                   Paper, ink, and a world dies

·                   Sheep-skin warms my back: wool won't be missed

·                   Ear-cushions are the next big thing: it is proven

·                   Big shrinks

·                   Little growths

·                   The teeth of cancer victims were treasured, once

·                   Say again? No. Forget me not

·                   Ulysses would rather be forgotten

·                   Acrylic paint sticks unforgettably

·                   Crispy chicken skin is paper

·                   Blue stones stare accusingly

·                   My thumbs are scared

·                   The animals will jump their cages, and burn down the petshop

·                   The boys are black in this town

·                   Walls compel amnesia, where love is concerned

·                   They are turning on the grave-point

·                   Poincarre, how beautiful you are

Oh, and also "limes and bootwax", I like that. Not sure if "bootwax" is a real thing, but never mind.

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