October 23, 2007

Word deconstruction

The asssignment this week - take one word, and chop finely into constituent letters. Sprinkle lightly with garlic salt and leave to simmer. Serve with a side garnish of brains. To show you how easy this recipe is, here's one I made earlier -

A prayer                                                                                           

Dear God;

God is doG spelt backwards,
which I find unsatisfactory.
I know it takes a certain
empty-headed sort of person
to see this mild discovery as
a shaking revelation,
Consider -

hidden within "within"
we find a little crown of letters,
two eyes nesting "t" and "h" -
the hearth
that hurries the harried
traveller home; the hen

who broods between the sentinels,

why not.
To continue the metaphor, her name would be "th".

God has a certain plainness;
the "o" rolls down and off the d, breaking up
the backwards "B"
that would have been, inverted.
In this way you split
Great Britain, backwards.

"Britain", that's a noble word:
contracted "Britannia",
who crashed on the rocks of her water home,
dashed and rearranged in cataracts. She lost
"n" "a" - so Britain is Britannia, regal, grand and damp,
except for those parts which are Not Applicable.
Delete as you feel appropriate -
though I doubt she would appreciate another flood.
It rains most always.

God is insufficient -
I've heard it said (and often)
that "God is Dead",
but it's not within the word, no forgone conclusion.
The idea is assailable –
the word is God.

So God,
I you beseech.
Change your name by deed poll,


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  1. yo.
    The thing that is great about this poem is that there is a definite sense of CHARACTER in the words. Something that sometimes is lacking from other poetry. The only problem to my knowledge that this is a rather strong factor of the poem, and whilst this is good in some ways, some readers may not like the slight pompousness of the character you write as. Otherwise, tis great.

    23 Oct 2007, 12:45

  2. Nick

    I find your prose interesting. I’m researching possible methods to ruin words. Have you any experience with this? I know people would prefer I not publicly ruin words, but this is the point.


    03 Dec 2007, 06:15

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