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September 24, 2004

Does Warwick want to help people to make healthy meal choices?

I have a serious problem with most of the food outlets on campus. There just aren't enough healthy choices! Seriously!..Let's start with things to drink. Why is it that it's becoming more and more difficult to buy pure fruit juice on campus? As opposed to fruit drinks that are mostly sugar water? On the occassions I have been to EAT in the past 6 months, it's completely random whether or not real orange juice is on offer. I can't remember the last time I saw fruit juice in the drinks cabinet at the Arts centre cafe. With Kalaidescope out of action (until Monday? hmmm, I guess so if they work all weekend!), the only place to get real juice is in Raffles, or Costcutter! And why only orange juice?

I'm not interested in excuses like "we just cater to what the majority want…". Surely this university has a responsibility to the staff and students to make healthy choices available. And as for those insipid, over-sauced, highly salted salad selections….don't even get me started!

copy editing no longer exists?

Is it just me, or do books these days have far more typos in them than used to be the case? I even found typos in my penguin copy of The Republic – and how long have they had to sort that out!

Has the production of books become that much cheaper that no one cares about typos anymore? They are often the sort a standard spell checker would detect. Perhaps it's some Microsoft problem…I like the idea of blaming Microsoft. And, I bet these publishing firms don't use open-source software.

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