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October 24, 2015

Organizational learning

OL is a set of dynamic processes in the organization, and transfering knowledge from individuals to organization.

This is similar to our studing processes, we are learning knowledge through a set of activiates and makeing the knowledge transfered more efficient.

LO have a set of processes, and it is continue improvement.

Creat learning environment -> Declaring a shared vision -> provide incentive to employees -> Training -> knowledge acquiring, transfering and creating. As loop

some example to our group learning organiztion:

Learning environment: Team work

Vision: To success the moudel & Get Master Degree

Incentives: Get Master certificate, encourage from Paul

Knowledge acquring, transfering, creating: LO, ISO, EFQM. From website research, reading book and Jounery. This knowledge to my mind.

EFQM: Leader create learning environment, and meeting shared vision with employees, need to encourage employees and trainning new skill and knowledge to employees. the knowledge is part of organization assets and requring knowledge management, then the new environment have been created.

EFQM and OL learning complement with each other, it works through continuous improvement.

OL acts as as enabler and therefore can be seen as an integral of EFQM.


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