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October 30, 2015


I just move home from Manchester to Birmingham. A lot of things need to do this week. Finally, I can do some research about the PMA. At first, I struggled in choosing questions and enterprise. I have decided to answer first question, However, the selection of company is very diffcult. The most knowable enterprises has very good performance, and processing in continous improvment. However, I have limitation of understanding on UK SMEs. In addition Chinese SMEs are very diffcult to find surpporting documnet in English. Ultimately, I have choosen HTC corporation which is a taiwanese multinational manufacture of smartphones and tablets. Accoring to poor proformance in recent years, it has to find apporach to improve continuously. Obviously, it faces many diffuclties, for example, Apple, Samusng are very strong in high-end consumer group. In addition, Xiaomi, Huawei are dominant in low price mobile devices. How does HTC overcome the dilemma. How does EFQM excellenc model surpport my assumption and proposal? I am very interested in this area of researching.

October 25, 2015

Auditing VS Self–Asessment

The biggest different between Auditing and self-assessment is that the assessor from external(Third party) in auditing, but self-assessment is from themsleves.

ISO 9000 use auditing to provide quality control, EFQM is quality management through self-assessment.

ISO 9000 are a set of quality managemnt standard, EFQM gives innovation to stakholders and improveing organization continuously.

ISO gives certificate to organization, but I prefer using EFQM in organization, it creates a learning environment to stakeholder, more chance to continued improveing the organization, it is holistic view of whole organization rather than just focuse limited points.

October 22, 2015

Study Skill– mind map

During the course, we have done our mind map, it helps me to clear my mind structure, I can solve problems more efficient, and improving my mental model.

The mind map is tree structure, every branch flow naturely, It really helps brain beacome more confortable.

the skills helps to remember, we cannot remember remember everything in our brain, but mind map helps to locate where the information is. and when I have new idea, it helps build the idea and connecting and generating more related information.

October 17, 2015

Time Management

We have studied Time managemnet on Wednesday. Geneally, We all know time management is very important for our life, but it is not everyone know how to use it properly. For me, I have to break a lot of personal behaviours.

1. I am diffcult to leave bed

2. I always start my work on last mintues.

3. I cannot focus in one thing, the time using not in efficient way.

After class, this is what I am get from the lecture

Time Management Process

1. Identify role

2.Select goal

3.Schedule the week ahed

4. Adapt daily

Time mamagement Matrix

We should focus more on Quadrant 2(Not Urgent, Important) in our daily life, but sometimes, Urgent things will come to our schedule, we should distinguish the importance to us, not important things should not come to our schedule.

Form the matrix, My position is located in Quadrant 1, I should make my schedule more flexible, making my time more efficient, self-management is very important.

The Weekly schedule

We can write weekly schedule, this is very good way to visualization our weekly plan in every hour.

October 14, 2015

CBE Mini Project reflection (1)

This is the mid of week, our group have done two meeting about our mini projects, including (1) ISO9000 VS EFQM

(2) Measurement of Result.

(1) ISO9000 VS EFQM

I have done some research about both of them. ISO9000 is a family of standards related to quality, EFQM is concertrate on quality management definately. The presentation will be comparsion between ISO9000:2008 and EFQM model, we make tables to compare them and disscus more on critical analysis & evaluation both of them.

(2)Measurement of result

In the case, the measurement of result method only compared the volume of production in manufacturing over timeline. we all agree with result should relate to performance.

We are under schedule, Continuing...

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