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December 05, 2015

Aircraft making!!!

This is really pratucal cource. we have made aircraft on Monday and Tuesdad. The case study shows how to improve the process of making aircraft by using six sigma. we are divided to two groups, and find out the improved process to make it. Compare to orginal one, there are dramatical improvemen in the customer satifaction, the cost has saved a lot compared pevious process. one thing is very improtant is motivation to run the project. the reward system makes better performance. Thanks for Graeme. I have learnd how to improve the process and quality of product.

Reflection on PMI trainning and PMI

The PMI training yellow belt course has introduced the DMAIC from six sigam, both concept and real case from pizza resturant. Define,measure, analysis, improve and control. the cycle integrate with Deming cycle. The real case is really pratical. In order to do the presentation on the success fators for six sigma project, we have done some exteranl research, such as excellence models. We have think the suceess factors and to stick on DMAIC level. the success factors includes structure, apporach and action. we have conclude a succese six sigma project requries leadership, efficient organization infrasture and efficient tool support, etc. a success six sigma project is succeess in the whole level of DMAIC, not just only success in one step.

December 02, 2015

Reflection on SOPK with Six sigma

During the sudy week, I have learn a lot basics about six sigma and improvment processes. And we have to prepare the presentation on the pontentials of SOPK transfer to six sigma.

We have arrange the meeting to disscuss the materil and to understand the meaing of question. firstly, we do the research separtely, eveone has to know some related knowledge about six sigma and SOPK. Secondly, we work together and to brain storm on the poentials of SOPK. In addition we find the relationships between deming cycle and DAMIC. we listed the pontentials and to relate with Six sigma.

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