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February 28, 2016

Leadership and Excellence reflection

Leadership is abour motivate people, but it is not that easy to achieve. There is many types of leaderships, such as coaching, visionary and democratic etc. We have experineced the various leaderships styles in the course exercises. The leadership style really depends on the suitation. For example, Coaching suites for helping team member to improve performance or to develop long term strength. On the hotel exercise, we have change leader during the project is running, It is challeneg for both team leader and team member. At the start, we have good perfomance. After three quaters, leader is changed, there is risk from change of team, but we overcome the problem, leader understand the suitation and keep the team working as before. If the team works efficiency before, the new manager should follow the team working style. If there is bad perforamcne ,I think leader shuoud create a support enironment and unlock the creativity of team, which encourage people to improve.

Leadership challenge

This is final simulation of leadership and excellence, The challenge is that the information is only avaliable from leader, leader need to distribute work to every team member based on the task. During the task, there is a lot of infomation coming together in short time, leader should distribute tasks to suited people and evulating the ability while they is doing the work. Leader has to face failure and to motivate people. We will give feedback after every tasks, we can only improve when we recieve and accept the benefits that feedback offers. I have learn a effective team should be cohesive, a shared vision and clear object can help to buil. In real life, leader is the most challenge role, wihch has to take responsibility to make team improve and growth, effective leader need to encourage the heart.

February 25, 2016


AS referring to today presentation, we have done the concept of CSR and the CSR strategy deploys to selected company. CSR is very important for evey comany, it could be add more value in to brand. A statement is "doing good is good for business." a sustantained company has to take social responsibility, no one will to buy bad company product. For example, If a company pollute the environment, the social commitment will censure and resulting in nagative effects which refelct in the comany performance finally. In real business, to depoly CSR is not easy task, many organization not really concern it in action, even they have the rule of principle. I think it is because CSR can bring huge mount of potential benefit, but the most people just focus on what they can get in short term. Form the moring excerise, we have practice team excerise in Salvage in Black Swan. It is a interest exserice, even we have not find right solution. In leadership asepct, The problem is how to make team work in effective way. there are a lot of information comes together, a good team should divide the task bsaed on the people skills. leader should asscess team member ability during the task and to encourage memebr while memebrs finding difficult in the work.

February 24, 2016

Reflection today

There is statement very impress me, "Treat others should treat same as yourself." In a company, If manager didn't give any opportunities to peoplr for furture improving, then the manager should think is he want suffer same treatment. For the learning aspect, knowledge shoud be embedded yourself, konwledge is part of youself.

In the coaching processe, the instrution is: 1, Process rapoort; 2, describe the issue; 3,Develop strategies/Alternative; 4, narrow to an apporach 5, Gain commitment. In is important to notice that: 1. Why is a power word, to make people automatic defense; 2, Never give advice, the advice will give direction of solution, the coaching is a supportive process. Don't give example for your experience.

In real pratice, it is not easy to coach other, the Why is easy to ask people, coaching need to generate people's own solution, smart question is requried.

February 09, 2016

Leadership and Excellence 2

There is no leadership fit for all suitation, leader has to find out their own leadship style to suit different teams. From the exercrise "winning the strategy", TJ is team leader, he is a effective leader,

1. He distrubuted the work at start, everone know what shoud do in the group

2. After reading the paper, everyone discuss together, TJ accepts others idea and finding out solutions

3. He is an energy man, passion also improtant, it is easier to impact others

The leadership's behaviours also proved from definition. In my opinion, effective leader has to at least take one or more elements:

1. There is a force to influenc other, and it is a positive impact

2. Good relationship with other people

3. A clear goad and finding out direction to achieve

4. Voluntary effort and commitment over and above compliance

5. effetive commnitction with others

6. More flexible, different leadership style within different suitation

Leadership and Excellence Introduction

Leadership is a very interested topic, and there is no aggreed definition in effective leader or not. leadership exists in everywhere, everyone agrees Hilter is a effective leader, but he is not a "good" leader. There is a difference between effective leader and good leader. The topic relates either effective or ineffective leader. Many element could make leader to success. such as good communication, clear vision and mission and talent. leadership is not an entity, it is able to influence others through personal charisma. In my opinion, a good team must has an effective leader. leader creates shared vision, finding out direction where to go and a clear mind guide how to achieve. Leader has to know people and helping them to improve continuously.

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