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October 25, 2015

Auditing VS Self–Asessment

The biggest different between Auditing and self-assessment is that the assessor from external(Third party) in auditing, but self-assessment is from themsleves.

ISO 9000 use auditing to provide quality control, EFQM is quality management through self-assessment.

ISO 9000 are a set of quality managemnt standard, EFQM gives innovation to stakholders and improveing organization continuously.

ISO gives certificate to organization, but I prefer using EFQM in organization, it creates a learning environment to stakeholder, more chance to continued improveing the organization, it is holistic view of whole organization rather than just focuse limited points.


Deming, system of profound knowledge, there are four parts, including appreciation for a system(lack or inter-department cooperation, cause of sub-optimization), knowledge about variation(cause, effect), theory of knowledge(no theories are proved), psycology(How the people motivated). It is concern more about psycology.

In the case, I think creating excellence relies on people, the action and thinking decide how to making excellence to organization.

Comparsion of excellence models

We have done a lot of researing about this topic. But during the presentation, we didn't state the comparsion, because we skip the part of comparison during the presentation. Actually, we should focus on the comparsion among the three excellence models.

The structure of the presentation slides shuold be improved, taking more time on comparing. we have done a table to show different among three excellence models.

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