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June 18, 2016

Personal Knowledge management

Knowledge is an improtant asset for company, it could be divided in to human capital(invidual level), social capital(relational level) and sturctural capital(organizational level). many enablers could impact the efficient of knowledge management, including organizational culture, leadership and relationships.

There are many benefits from KM. the decision making process could be faster and better, to avoid make same mistake twice, and to achieve exist experience and expertise, provide better customer service.

In my opinion, Knowledge management also could benefit for individuals, people are continous to learn new knowledge, but the exist knokledge will not handling well if we not use for long time, for example, I was really good at geometry when I was studing in high school, but I cannot solve the question if I did not review the principle of geometry. I think the area of improve my personal knoweldge management is do the reflection everyday, to make the reflection converting to my lifestyle, spend 5 mintnitue to do reflection when I am ready to sleep. the time makes me feel more comfortable.

Knowledge transform from tacit to expicit

Knowledge management is a porcesse to generate, store,distribute and apply the organizational knowledge. In the process, a first challenge is how to gathering knowlege, people always are not willing to express their mind, which is a subconscious protection for themselves. In the concept, the most organization know the importance of sharing knowledge, but the problems is the difficult in pratice, there are many barriers, such as behaviours, trait and potential dangerous.

Pick the point from the coures and my personal experience, blog entry is a advanced way to share our knowledge to others, but I only write the blog when the moudle is requriing. The suitation is blog entry is a kind of course task rather than a life style. Blog is a open world , I will think other's reflection before I publishe the blog, even we are in the safe environment. In addition, Facebook and other softwares are good way to share our knowledge. Acutally, even social software is more faisonable life style, but the most of us spending too much time to read the fragmentation of information.

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