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February 09, 2016

Leadership and Excellence 2

There is no leadership fit for all suitation, leader has to find out their own leadship style to suit different teams. From the exercrise "winning the strategy", TJ is team leader, he is a effective leader,

1. He distrubuted the work at start, everone know what shoud do in the group

2. After reading the paper, everyone discuss together, TJ accepts others idea and finding out solutions

3. He is an energy man, passion also improtant, it is easier to impact others

The leadership's behaviours also proved from definition. In my opinion, effective leader has to at least take one or more elements:

1. There is a force to influenc other, and it is a positive impact

2. Good relationship with other people

3. A clear goad and finding out direction to achieve

4. Voluntary effort and commitment over and above compliance

5. effetive commnitction with others

6. More flexible, different leadership style within different suitation

Leadership and Excellence Introduction

Leadership is a very interested topic, and there is no aggreed definition in effective leader or not. leadership exists in everywhere, everyone agrees Hilter is a effective leader, but he is not a "good" leader. There is a difference between effective leader and good leader. The topic relates either effective or ineffective leader. Many element could make leader to success. such as good communication, clear vision and mission and talent. leadership is not an entity, it is able to influence others through personal charisma. In my opinion, a good team must has an effective leader. leader creates shared vision, finding out direction where to go and a clear mind guide how to achieve. Leader has to know people and helping them to improve continuously.

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