July 17, 2016

Reflection on PMA

Inventroy management is an interest topic, the basic working principle incldes MRP and JIT system. JIT work well in a repretitive environment, MRP suits for product line manfacturing. For the most SMEs, JIT system is a better choice.

In my personal life, I don't have many experience in organizational inventory management, but everyone is invtory controller at home, we need to manger our food, cloths and other things. a good storgage can makes life easier and increase the quality of life. For example, we can put fruit in the icebox to extend expriation date. the place put in right place could reduce damge. JIT system is I only buy the food when I needed, it means I can eat more fresh food. MRP system is buy lagre amount of food from super market, and keep enough reserve for a week. In china, my life style is much like JIT system. But I use MRP system in the UK.

June 19, 2016

Reflection on the course

Knowledge-based asset management is a very interest topic, we know the importance of asset for a company, Knowledge also is one of the primary asset. During the module, we have a lot of free time to self-study, this is also part of knowledge management, we should learn how to manage the asset efficiently. the culture of organization could decide the efficent of management, knowledge sharing culture could really help us.

Nowadays, we can gather information quicker than ever before, but the challenge is how to extract the knowledge from the huge volume of information. In my experiencel, the possible solution is from big data abalysis, this is the part of my project research. The intelligent of using knowledge helps to reach excellence.

Reflection on security managment

There are the number of main topic in the Asset mangement, including Facilities management, security, health and safety and environmental management. Nowadays, the security issues has risen apparently, especiallyi in vitual aspect.

In the physical side, the security problems can casue a huge amount of loss, such as stolen and physical damage, but the virtual security troubles can cost more. Nowadays, the most of organizations adopts informaion system to increase the working efficiency, the high vaule of information becomes the target of hackers.

Normally, the security issues cannot aware before the problem has occured, it is means the security should refer to prevent, include, risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk sperding and risk acceptence.

I have done the elective course in warehouse management. the contingency plan is very important to any company. we cannot avoid the risk absoutly, but we need to consider the solution after we are sufferfing the troubles. For example, we can outsource the production activities when the machine is not able to work.

June 18, 2016

Personal Knowledge management

Knowledge is an improtant asset for company, it could be divided in to human capital(invidual level), social capital(relational level) and sturctural capital(organizational level). many enablers could impact the efficient of knowledge management, including organizational culture, leadership and relationships.

There are many benefits from KM. the decision making process could be faster and better, to avoid make same mistake twice, and to achieve exist experience and expertise, provide better customer service.

In my opinion, Knowledge management also could benefit for individuals, people are continous to learn new knowledge, but the exist knokledge will not handling well if we not use for long time, for example, I was really good at geometry when I was studing in high school, but I cannot solve the question if I did not review the principle of geometry. I think the area of improve my personal knoweldge management is do the reflection everyday, to make the reflection converting to my lifestyle, spend 5 mintnitue to do reflection when I am ready to sleep. the time makes me feel more comfortable.

Knowledge transform from tacit to expicit

Knowledge management is a porcesse to generate, store,distribute and apply the organizational knowledge. In the process, a first challenge is how to gathering knowlege, people always are not willing to express their mind, which is a subconscious protection for themselves. In the concept, the most organization know the importance of sharing knowledge, but the problems is the difficult in pratice, there are many barriers, such as behaviours, trait and potential dangerous.

Pick the point from the coures and my personal experience, blog entry is a advanced way to share our knowledge to others, but I only write the blog when the moudle is requriing. The suitation is blog entry is a kind of course task rather than a life style. Blog is a open world , I will think other's reflection before I publishe the blog, even we are in the safe environment. In addition, Facebook and other softwares are good way to share our knowledge. Acutally, even social software is more faisonable life style, but the most of us spending too much time to read the fragmentation of information.

March 28, 2016

Leadership PMA refelection

Leadership is interets topic, it exist in everywhere. there are baisc component in the leadership, including leadership is a process, leadership involves influence, leadership occurs in group context and leadership involves goal attainment. During PMA whriting, I have done a lot of researsh on the leaderhsip theory. some theory is selected to use in the coaching section. Trait in leadership are some special qualtiy which individual can born with them, including drive, the desire to leade, honesty and integrit, self confidence, cognitive ability and knowleder of business. someone could be seen as leader when they are born. I think everyone has trait, it has provided paper standard against which individual can access their own leadership quality. Path-goal theory is able to explain how leaders motivate subordinates to be productive and satified with their work. there is a improvement form the Contingency Theory in somehow. I think Path-Goal offers prdictions for how leader's style conncets with follower's needs and the work. Our strategy in Wave Rider is that Expanding business to Europe country, evevy department should support this strategy. I think CEO and managers have different focus. CEO need provide more supportive, manager focus on real operation procress. leadership style should change based on the team member and the goal of work.

March 13, 2016

WaveRider Case study reflection

In this section, our group have done a lot of effort on it. We follows the step of decision making, including define the problem, evluate alternative and implment the chosen outcome. In the first step, we have done market research, The goal of WaveRider want to release a new product which called SeaCatch. the company need to make two decision, including producing place and advertising method. The market research shows there is decliened trend in the uk market size. Based on UK government report, there is a decreasing trend in the number of fishermens and vessel since 2004. In this suitation, we use decision tree to help us get a rich picture of the decision making. other tools also have been used.

In the location decision making, our team decide to use SMART, risk analysis and AHP. those tool helps to evluate both quantify and qualified factors, the result shows lymington is better choice to us. For marketing, we used AHP and grid analysis. The result shows internet and TV is the highest ranking. Our group think the most inportant is traget focus, due to the small market size. and most industry is in closed area. In somecase fishermen may not use internet, so flyer can cover the area cannot covere.

March 06, 2016

Robust Decision Making

This week, the Robust decision making has started. there are several types of decision maker based on personality, including Exervtor, Introvert, Senser, User of Intuition, Judge, User of Perception, Thinker and Feeler. Among the personality type, it is not only to stick on one features, the change comes from age, situation and experience. In company perspective, decision making could be divided into three basic types, involving Operational, Emergency/Urgent and Strategic. Operational decision making refers to basic operating function of company, such as allocating employes working responsibility and handling customer complaints; strategic decision making relates a medium to long term business plan, such as a marketing research for luanching a new product and improveing the producitivity of producing process in next year. Emergency decisions is more compatiable than others, the option need to be made in a very short time with limiting information and knowledge. It is improtant to notice that bias lead to negative influences while person or team is making a decision. In order to make appropriate judgement, understanding and avoiding bias are necessary. The bia could be from the avaliability heurstic(based on ease of recall, memory structure), representivness heurstic(based on misuderstanding of stastic) and anchoring and adjustment heurstic(based on first impression override sound judgement). For the sake of averting bias, I think scientific techniques help to make right decisions. There are variours tools and methods which assist building robust decisions, such as AHP, decision tree analysis and risk analysis etc. In my opinion, robust decision making is very improtant in everywhere, people need to konw how to make good decision, what bias could impact judgement and which scientific tool is the most suitable the suitation. a good decision is able to enhance the performance of company and people life.


February 28, 2016

Leadership and Excellence reflection

Leadership is abour motivate people, but it is not that easy to achieve. There is many types of leaderships, such as coaching, visionary and democratic etc. We have experineced the various leaderships styles in the course exercises. The leadership style really depends on the suitation. For example, Coaching suites for helping team member to improve performance or to develop long term strength. On the hotel exercise, we have change leader during the project is running, It is challeneg for both team leader and team member. At the start, we have good perfomance. After three quaters, leader is changed, there is risk from change of team, but we overcome the problem, leader understand the suitation and keep the team working as before. If the team works efficiency before, the new manager should follow the team working style. If there is bad perforamcne ,I think leader shuoud create a support enironment and unlock the creativity of team, which encourage people to improve.

Leadership challenge

This is final simulation of leadership and excellence, The challenge is that the information is only avaliable from leader, leader need to distribute work to every team member based on the task. During the task, there is a lot of infomation coming together in short time, leader should distribute tasks to suited people and evulating the ability while they is doing the work. Leader has to face failure and to motivate people. We will give feedback after every tasks, we can only improve when we recieve and accept the benefits that feedback offers. I have learn a effective team should be cohesive, a shared vision and clear object can help to buil. In real life, leader is the most challenge role, wihch has to take responsibility to make team improve and growth, effective leader need to encourage the heart.

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