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May 22, 2010


I always think that leader is not to lead the team but he need to coach the team members to do the right thing. In Wednesday¡¯s exercise, people think coaching is providing options rather than suggestion. It makes a different idea what is leadership. I still kept the habit talk to others my ideas at first until this year, that makes me less listen to others ideas. Sometimes I try to persuade them do things according to my way. This is dangerous habit for a leader, because if I tell my opinion first, other team members will not tell their ideas in order to avoid conflicts. I suggest the way which may be the best, if they do thing only because they are afraid of me rather than they indeed accept that, this definitely causes lower efficiency. Give them some options, and let them choose which they like best. People involved in decisions will feel more responsible for this task, and they generally pay more attention and energy to fulfill this goal.

Am I a good leader?

In hotel game I volunteer to be a leader of our team. I am confident of myself, but I feel uncomfortable competing with other team members when I am working in china. Whether I win or not, it may break harmony in this team.

When I was an undergraduate, I liked to compete with others, I was eager to win, but this made a lot of conflicts between me and our classmates. After I worked in engineering company, I tried to avoid competitions, however, some colleagues were hostile to me, because they thought I may be their competitors.

To work with talent team members is always a challenge for everyone. Lack of essential professional skills, it make me feel unimportant and depressed. I rely on myself too much rather than our team, which is vital drawback of many confident people.

In an energetic team, I learned that I should delegate my tasks to these talent employees, they may challenge my authority. How to manage this? Try to balance the influence of all employees, especially the introvert ones. Find a job or task they can do better than these talent employees, this may unlock people¡¯s potential. After they build their confidence, they may get respects from other. This reduces the influence of stars, but it makes the whole team running efficiently. As for extrovert person, I should support them and appraise them after they do a good job.

In a passive team, I should lead the whole team for the goal. I should work by myself at first, and then bring them to this task. If they feel they do a lot of contribution to this project, they will work harder to the goal since they enjoy the successful feeling. In this situation, I should be more extrovert and responsible for my tasks, because if I do not stand out, the team will be disordered and out of my control or silence all the time.

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