January 02, 2007

Dear, I miss you too much, althrough i am so busy

So busy, nearly can not breath…

My dear wife, althrough i am so busy, i want to use all my spare time to call you on the phone, text you by using QQ. Learning Grid really seems to be my room during the new year day time, but as long as near the essay deadline, every time work same. LG life, so boring, but i have no idea. The only thing that i can do is call you, talk to you. Sometimes you are not in a good mood, I feel worry about you but i could not help, Sorry. I am so far away…...

I promiss you that i won’t do this again, after the master course, i will go back to home as soon as i can, to be with you, and i will not leave you alone at home.

I know you have to work hard, i know you have to look after our parents, i know you have to handle everything, whether good or bad, happy or sad,—by yourself…...

The only thing that i can do in England is to wish, wish you are happy everyday, wish everything goes well in 2007!

Wait for me

Anthony Tian


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