April 28, 2008

reckless moment 28th april.

Last week was mostly spent marking the rest of my students' essays - there were a couple of really quite good ones, which is always exciting.  I also read Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, a novel that is particularly insightful and brilliant on the subjects of how we see ourselves and the way we live our lives, and our relationships with other people. 

I didn't get to go to bjj class once last week, mostly because of how unbelievably time-consuming marking is, but I think I'm going on Friday and Saturday this week.  My partner-in-crime Rosie received a bronze medal in the women's white belt lightweight category at Gracie Invitational on Saturday though - so go say congratulations to her.

But but but, tonight I'm going to be hosting our comedy show The Reckless Moment at Robbins' Well (in Leamington).  It is the first one since the beginning of March, and so you should definitely come and say hello.  Literally, come and say hello.  One of the ace things about The Reckless Moment is that, at its best, it feels like a group of friends come to watch some comedy that they enjoy.

The headline act on the show tonight is Josh Howie - who is a comic I met years and years ago (although he won't remember) when I used to help run Lone Star club in Folkestone.  He performed in October 2004, and he struck me then as a funny and clever man.  I don't remember his jokes as being as deliberately offensive as they were when I saw him a couple more times in Edinburgh 2007 - but if anything he's even funnier for it.  But yes, he is hilarious and sharp and rude and just a little bit smug, and I'm really excited that he's agreed to perform at our show.

Also on the show are Rob Coleman (a nice man I have met a couple of times before), Alex Maple (a new-ish act who I've never seen before but who I have a gut feeling is going to be brilliant), James McPhun (a second year theatre & english student at Warwick who is one of my best friends and is always great), and Simon Dunn (another of my best friends in the world, and someone who is planning his first solo show this summer, and trying new jokes for that out).  Pete the Meat will also be appearing for the final time ever (in a meat-eating capacity, at least).  

So do come to Robbins' Well tonight if you want to, it starts at 9pm and costs £2 to get in.  I hope it'll be great.

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