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February 09, 2008

have i waited too long?

The mystery vegetable was a celeriac - which I had suspected anyway. 

New Found Glory played at the Colosseum Kasbah in Coventry last night.  I like them, I really do.  They sing soppy songs about girls, in a way that knows and admits that girls are AWESOME.  These tunes are not really traditional songs of romance and true love; they can be caught moaning about a girl who isn't interested, but you totally get the impression that they'll get over it soon because they just can't get away from how much darn fun girls are.  This creates fun, bouncy pop-punk songs with fun lyrics like 'Remember the time we wrote our names upon the wall?  Remember the time we realised Thriller was our favourite song?'. 

To me the very idea of this gig was a bit ridiculous, because I spent many Thursday nights as an undergrad jumping around to 'Hit or Miss' and 'My Friends Over You' in the Colly.  The fact that the band were coming to play those hits live was a bit surreal - you may as well expect Rage Against The Machine or The Libertines to add Coventry to their tour schedule.  My second thought, when I saw this gig announced, was that I hope they play in the side room and that there are only 30 people there.  Gigs in Coventry have never been particularly well attended - why should New Found Glory be any different?  If there were just 30 people there, they wouldn't be able to ignore our obscure requests.  Oh no.  I was therefore disappointed to find that there were about 1398120482304 people there (but happy for the band, I guess), and that the main room was PACKED.  Like, properly PACKED.  You couldn't even get inside the room in the left door (there was a little more space by the right door).    

This wasn't the reason I didn't really enjoy the gig.  It was completely underwhelming.  I think the main problem was the sound, which was really fuzzy and unclear.  Jordan's (the singer) microphone also seemed to be playing up towards the end - he looked the tinest bit frustrated in the last few songs.  NFG on a Friday night is also geared to a party atmosphere - lots of singalongs, jumping around and fun covers (they've just released a new album of movie covers, so there was even more of these - they played 'It Ain't Me, Babe', 'Iris', 'Kiss Me' and probably some others I can't remember) - and I just wasn't down with the party that night.  School had been difficult Friday, and I had appalling sleep on Thursday night.  You can't really judge a band solely upon musical performance when the singer puts the microphone in the crowd for the crowd to singalong in every chorus.  It's more about the party - like it was when they played Reading 2007. 

A shame, as it should've been amazing.  They did play 'My Friends Over You' in the encore though, and I'm prepared to forgive them loads solely because of that song and how damn good it is. 

Here's some recommended weekend viewing:

New Found Glory - My Friends Over You music video.

Masakatsu Ueda vs Atsushi Yamamoto from Shooto Back To Our Roots 7 26/01/08 - an awesome fight.  Starts with some explosive looking stand-up by Yamamoto, and then turns into a really advanced grappling war.

I wrote this blog whilst listening to 'White Doves & Smoking Guns' by The A.K.As, and 'Proof of Youth' by The Go! Team.  The Go! Team are awesome, but I'm STILL undecided about that A.K.As album.

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