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December 14, 2006

of to the woods…

..infact a very specific wood, a wood commonly called ‘Dave’. He is so called mainly due to the fact that his name is in fact ‘Dave Wood’.

Anyway, on Thursday of week10, there was a Differentiation Lecture for first years, given by the said wood.
For some reason, one night in the bar after focus, we had an idea to ‘turn up to his lecture and create chaos’.
Unfortunately the others where far to shy, and so although 2 other 3rd Years turned up, they really didnt make much of an impact.

In order to try and bring some life, I decided to follow the adivice in the previous blog(ish).
I turned up 12min late, walked in the back, stomped down the stairs, then walked along the front (to grab Dave’s attention), and then up a few rows on the other side to sit down..
Dave: “didn’t you do this course like, 2 years ago?”
me: “I just thought I’d have a recap”
Dave: “strange boy”
laughter ensued…

Unfortunatly not to the same extent as in Measure theory (by a long way), but enough to get Bells and Christelle(sp?) to laugh… so I felt my work was done.

To my shame I actually have avoided differential equations for hte past 2 years, (since my shocking result in what was then DiffB) and so wasn’t able to point out many mistakes…
(though we did get the missing out a half in Taylors theorem)...

I fel this was a nice 2nd to last lecture to leave term on… Measure theory later that day was spent looking through Chris’s Magic Decks (a CCG, i.e. card game… for those that care) and friday was spent in Bed as I felt quite exhausted after our last focus event of the term.

Now I have finally left Coventry… and will remain in Tutbury for the next 30 hourse (ish), hmm don’t you just love the restful nature of holidays?

September 29, 2006

Shoes Shoes Shoes….

I HATE shopping…..
no really I do

and Im not just saying that because I’m male…

I spent several hours (well I don’t know, maybe only 1.5-2) looking around coventry for some shoes..

I don’t ask for much, I’m not particularly bothered about ‘fashion’, something that is neutral-ish, isn’t so heavy that it feels like it was made out of lead, and a good hard wearing sole that won’t fall apart in 5 minutes.

I wouldn’t have thought that was much to ask…
Clarks on the other hand think differently..
they seem to think that £80, yes £80 is a ‘reasonable’ cost.

I then went around other shops, and discovered loads of shoes that were either too expensive, or had a very flimsy sole… or both
You may think I am going a bit OTT on the strength of the sole.. however the last pair I bough had a flimsy sole.. I thought at £20 they wouldnt be that bad.. this is what has happened to them:

the failed shoe


I did eventually find a pair, but ofcourse as soon as you do, you then feel like “hmm I’ve spent so long looking for shoes.. am I sure I want to ‘make do’ with these?..” just because it suddenly seemed ‘easy’, you are now feeling highly suspicious…

I think next time I will go into Birmingham or similar.. hopefully that won’t be for a long-long-time…

August 24, 2006

a round up…

I don’t seem to have said much about my life in a while now, so Ill try and summarise the last few weeks or so…

a few weeks ago I went on a trip to Tunisia with a few friends (and a few I had never met before) that was fun, and very eventful.

Highlights include:

-desert dunes
-and Harrisa(sp?).. a strange source that is hot enough to be used as rocket fuel.

still I came back.. survived.. and feel I have learnt much more about Islam, arab and Tunisian culture.

last week (well 19-23th Aug) I have been at Momentum

This was cool for many reasons
-Got closer to God
-Got to know more people at my church… and became closer friends with them
-Got to have a nice long talk (along the lines of 9.30-11.30pm ish) talk with my Vicar about various things, including Ordination (that is: becoming a Vicar)

as I listed that as a cool thing you can guess it went kinda well, although for fairly obvious reasons nothing like that will happen whilst I am still studying for my degree (and yes I still intend to go for an MMath).
Anyway more talks/me badgering him will occur when I get back to Coventry, so hopefully I can plan out (well nearly plan, as with God-stuff he always seems to have his own plan which is, simply, better) the next few years etc.

hmm I think that brings us up to date, there is possibly older stuff I have missed out, but then Im sure I have personally told human friends about that already so I wont bother repeating myself…too much.

July 17, 2006

hmm… somebody left the toaster on….

.. or something…

I haven’t manage to see anything about it on any news site so far, but the flames are reaching upto half of the cooling towers


(though I reckon its 5 miles further out than them.. this makes it somewhere between south derbyshire and south nottinghamshire (south of Derby, same level as willington if anyone knows the area…))

not much to say excpet… oops
I do hope it isn’t anything majorly important… but no one on the internet seems to know anything yet… oh well…

[oh I reckon it started 9ish..]

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