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December 14, 2006

of to the woods…

..infact a very specific wood, a wood commonly called ‘Dave’. He is so called mainly due to the fact that his name is in fact ‘Dave Wood’.

Anyway, on Thursday of week10, there was a Differentiation Lecture for first years, given by the said wood.
For some reason, one night in the bar after focus, we had an idea to ‘turn up to his lecture and create chaos’.
Unfortunately the others where far to shy, and so although 2 other 3rd Years turned up, they really didnt make much of an impact.

In order to try and bring some life, I decided to follow the adivice in the previous blog(ish).
I turned up 12min late, walked in the back, stomped down the stairs, then walked along the front (to grab Dave’s attention), and then up a few rows on the other side to sit down..
Dave: “didn’t you do this course like, 2 years ago?”
me: “I just thought I’d have a recap”
Dave: “strange boy”
laughter ensued…

Unfortunatly not to the same extent as in Measure theory (by a long way), but enough to get Bells and Christelle(sp?) to laugh… so I felt my work was done.

To my shame I actually have avoided differential equations for hte past 2 years, (since my shocking result in what was then DiffB) and so wasn’t able to point out many mistakes…
(though we did get the missing out a half in Taylors theorem)...

I fel this was a nice 2nd to last lecture to leave term on… Measure theory later that day was spent looking through Chris’s Magic Decks (a CCG, i.e. card game… for those that care) and friday was spent in Bed as I felt quite exhausted after our last focus event of the term.

Now I have finally left Coventry… and will remain in Tutbury for the next 30 hourse (ish), hmm don’t you just love the restful nature of holidays?

October 14, 2006

Sorry, he's still here…

Follow-up to It has begun….. from Tim's Blog

I returned to James’ (/squeakys) house recently and discovered a Will…


..and doing something rather odd with his nose…

hmm apparently he will leave on Sunday though…

October 13, 2006

It has begun…..

... well ok so term has been going for 2 weeks now, but still

Colin Rourke is back in his short-shorts lecturing Topology, Measuer Theory is fun (honetly, its just a case of being pedantic over obvious things..), and generally term is looking good.

Anne Findley (Vicar’s wife) has agreed with me when MarkA told me I was wrong (well technically she just came to the same conclusion indepentantly, but still), and Will has finally left for Reading (no really, it’s finally happened).

On other news…

Mathsoc (or WMS as they like to be called) have decided to re-instate MathsCafe without me.
Im not too bothered on the grounds they asked my permition first, I may even turn up to it again, only this time I don’t have to do any of the logistics.. so that makes it much much easier.

You could be fooled into thinking that meant everything was going well… and you might be close to the truth…
Focus has managed to have a nice number of freshers to the last few events (although we can’t really say anything definite untill the end of term), and CU seem to be behaving.
Also Speak nearly got organised, but in a clerical error, they let me organise a talk on ‘faith-sharing’... this shoudl be ‘interesting’ as its meant to be different to Evangelism.. technically, all they mean is a different type, moving away from the bad name that has been given to evangelism by all the people who have done it badly.. very badly…

hmm it sounds like things are going well.. but then in all honesty if they were horrible at this point in the term I would have problems.
Still it wont be long till we’ll hear people saying “only X weeks till end of term”...

September 11, 2006

The fun of Mathematics…

Writing about For the mathematicians from Northerner-in-Exile

Im mainly blogging this because I’m not above shamelessly stealing ideas, but also because I want to ask the question..

Mathematicians have many many in-jokes (or Maths-jokes as we like to call them), such as this video, but how many other departments have such jokes that are totally incomprehensible to outsiders?...

do you hear small groups of people giggling about Brownian motion or perhaps mozarts blunders?... or whatever, either way I cant think of any time I have heard another departmental ‘in-joke’ that I couldnt decipher (and I don’t mean that in a “I’m so clever” kinda way, more that the joke was “generic-enough” for me)

it makes me wonder about our department sometimes… and then I think everyone should study maths and that will solve the worlds problems :)

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