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September 29, 2006

Shoes Shoes Shoes….

I HATE shopping…..
no really I do

and Im not just saying that because I’m male…

I spent several hours (well I don’t know, maybe only 1.5-2) looking around coventry for some shoes..

I don’t ask for much, I’m not particularly bothered about ‘fashion’, something that is neutral-ish, isn’t so heavy that it feels like it was made out of lead, and a good hard wearing sole that won’t fall apart in 5 minutes.

I wouldn’t have thought that was much to ask…
Clarks on the other hand think differently..
they seem to think that £80, yes £80 is a ‘reasonable’ cost.

I then went around other shops, and discovered loads of shoes that were either too expensive, or had a very flimsy sole… or both
You may think I am going a bit OTT on the strength of the sole.. however the last pair I bough had a flimsy sole.. I thought at £20 they wouldnt be that bad.. this is what has happened to them:

the failed shoe


I did eventually find a pair, but ofcourse as soon as you do, you then feel like “hmm I’ve spent so long looking for shoes.. am I sure I want to ‘make do’ with these?..” just because it suddenly seemed ‘easy’, you are now feeling highly suspicious…

I think next time I will go into Birmingham or similar.. hopefully that won’t be for a long-long-time…

September 11, 2006

The fun of Mathematics…

Writing about For the mathematicians from Northerner-in-Exile

Im mainly blogging this because I’m not above shamelessly stealing ideas, but also because I want to ask the question..

Mathematicians have many many in-jokes (or Maths-jokes as we like to call them), such as this video, but how many other departments have such jokes that are totally incomprehensible to outsiders?...

do you hear small groups of people giggling about Brownian motion or perhaps mozarts blunders?... or whatever, either way I cant think of any time I have heard another departmental ‘in-joke’ that I couldnt decipher (and I don’t mean that in a “I’m so clever” kinda way, more that the joke was “generic-enough” for me)

it makes me wonder about our department sometimes… and then I think everyone should study maths and that will solve the worlds problems :)

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