May 09, 2006

WOW Mathsoc are doing something….

If anyone has ever heard of this strange creature before you will know them as the group of people that gets nearly all of the first–years to join, and then almost no–one else in other years due in no small part to the fact that they don't do anything….
Ok so that's a bit harsh, but I think when a certain lecturer said to them last year "sorry do you still exist?" it shows the amount of impact they have.

Still, they have finally realised that having MORSE people on the exec, socials that no–one turns up to and revision guides that are out of date, is not sufficient… so..
[drum–roll please]

They are going to do some MATHS.
[the sound of joy can be heard in the distance]

Yes that's right our glorious president has decided to allow the setting up of a Maths–discussion group were special people can go and look at things like algebraic topology and fractal millipedes (well maybe) and all sorts of other pretty & pure mathematics…


To say this is a niche group (even within the Maths Department), is an understatement, but then at least the group they're targeting might actually show up.
oh and as a final resort, they are planning on bribing members to turn up to the next social with free alcohol…

I think this may end up attracting two completely different groups of people, but then at least they're trying. After all it may even become a 'proper' society soon, thanks to the addition of HOODIES.

Yes that's right, you know your society isn't official until members get thrown out of certain shopping arcades :p

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  1. and here's me thinking they were going to have a big mmorpg geek–in…

    11 May 2006, 03:11

  2. Arghh, in clicking your name I lost the Game…

    but anyway I think Compsoc are more likely to do a mmorpg than anyone else on campus.

    11 May 2006, 09:59

  3. Argh. Why did i come back. Why! :(

    11 May 2006, 14:06

  4. Tim, having just read this entry here are my thoughts:
    Yes the maths we'll be discussing is for a niche, and that's for people who really like maths. Warwick attracts people onto their maths degree, which means that there are people who genuinely like maths, moreover, they find it interesting. 'MathSoc' will encourage people to talk about and teach others mathematics. When we all discussed our excursions essays I found some of the topics very interesting, this could influence my choice of modules in the third year, or just my reading when I pick a book off the library shelf.
    We want mathmo's to be proud of being just that, and if we can have a range of clothing that helps them, why not?
    'MathSoc' should be one of the best and biggest societies on campus, its about time we made it that.

    06 Jun 2006, 21:59

  5. I agree with much of that… yes Maths should be for the people who really like it. However there are many people I know in maths who can't wait to get away from it, and don't like talking about it non–stop. But then again, I do think the number of people who like talking about maths casually is quite high, and so it is a good niche to be targeting.

    "mathmo's"... hmm I hope that name doesn't stick :p

    oh and the bit about clothing was a joke, as I had previously said to people that Mathsoc wasn't a proper society because it didn't have hoodies (unlike many many other socs…), and then I heard you were planning on having some.

    Seriously though it does sound like something that will be cool though eventaully (in a really unique 'maths' way), but will always be slightly amusing…

    06 Jun 2006, 23:16

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